Monday, December 31, 2012

Ring out the Old...Goals for the New

Hard to believe the last day of 2012 is already here.  This year has flown by for me.  It's so crazy how quickly time goes now.  This time last year I had only competed in one race and was not remotely confident in myself and my abilities.  I never imagined I would be where I am today.  Let alone be staring down my first half marathon in just seven weeks. 

So fast forward to today.  2012 was a good year for both me and my family.  It brought some challenges and many great blessings.  I competed in 13 races, branching out to further distances. I've shaved 11 minutes off of my 5k time.

 I've gone from thinking that the Princess Half was my one and done half marathon goal, to realizing there are many more half marathons in my future and with the advent of our Disney Vacation Club membership hoping there are more Run Disney events as well.

 I have found a confidence in myself and a happiness in my own skin that I don't think I have ever had.   Maybe I sold myself short without realizing I was capable of more than I thought I was doing as for that I am thankful for my love of running and my super special running friends.  I am no longer a runner by accident, I am now a runner on purpose. 

My goals for this year are flexible as I have come to realize that planning doesn't always work out the way that I hope.  I want to learn to take things as they come and not plan out to the hilt. 

That being said, I've got a couple of goals and this point that I am rock solid committed to seeing to fruition.  The rest of my goals will evolve as the year unfolds. 

My first goal is to complete the 13 in Twenty-Thirteen.  I'm hoping for mostly longer runs but I know I will have several 5k's in there as well.  This is totally doable.  I demonstrated that this year.  The difference is the that I plan to run further distances.

The second my husband and I will be undertaking the Whole 30 challenge in March.  The littles won't be doing this with us at this point.  My super picky eater would never eat if I forced this kind of a change on him.  Also, the secondary goal with this one is to cut my raging sugar addiction down to size.  Yes, I do watch what I eat now, but sugar (especially Reese's Mini's) is a major weakness for me.

I also plan to branch out and add some cross training to my world and add some weight training.  I currently am in possession of a kettlebell and some hand weights and I plan to use them.  Actually I have already started at night while watching TV after the littles go to bed.  But I do plan on integrating them more into my daily routine and you'll see more about that once the plan has unfurled.  I am super excited about having the kettlebell especially and will be purchasing some Kettlebell Bombshell DVD's in the very near future.

I've mentioned this before but the important thing to me is not just being active, but it's being active in simple ways where it's not necessarily going to take additional time out from my day to day life.  To find ways to incorporate into my schedule.  There is always time at home to spare 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes.  So I am going to capitalize on that time.  Looking for fun and creative ways to do that. 

Finally, I just want to continue being the best me I can be, there is plenty of room for me to grow.  I want to be a better wife, mother and friend and keep moving forward for all that know me, and most importantly for myself.

Wishing you all a very wonderful and Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's Love

I've waited awhile to post my thoughts on my new Brooks Pure Cadence because I wanted to get past the early, lovey-dovey honeymoon phase of new shoes.  I wanted to see how much I truly liked them in various areas, I wanted to see how they did during a race and on a super long run.  Now armed with what I know I can confirm, that I am in love with my Pure Cadence.  I never knew what a difference a pair of shoes could make and as you know from earlier posts, I sort of thought it was silly to get fitted.  Now I know better.  I also think it will be awhile before I switch shoe brands or for that matter style.

Before I get onto the specifics of what I love so much about them, I want to explain where I've been.  Since I started running, I have been through three pairs of shoes.  I started out initially with shoes that were not specifically running shoes.  I stopped wearing those because I thought they felt heavy.  So I switched to another brand that was tailored to women and was considerably lighter.  I bought them because I liked the color (excellent reason to buy a shoe) and because they were not very expensive.  Since I wasn't sure if I would continue running my logic was that I didn't need to invest a whole lot of money into something only if I was going to burn out and stop.
  While I liked the shoes, I was constantly battling blisters.  I tried changing socks, cotton, no cotton, mesh, padded, you name it I tried it and I still had blisters.  It turns out my socks were most maligned as I later discovered I had bought a size too big.  A foot sliding up and down in a shoe is sort of conducive to blisters.  I parted ways with this shoe after developing extensor tendinitis as a result of tying my shoes too tightly on one foot.  Most likely an attempt to stop the foot sliding.  I bought another pair of shoes by yet another brand, spent a little bit more money on these and outside of blisters (notice a recurring theme?) I have nothing bad to say about these shoes.  They did get heavy towards their retirement, but I did really like these shoes.

Enter my birthday present from the hubs a new pair of running shoes.  Higher quality running shoes that might cost a bit more than I have spent in the past.  It became glaring obvious to both of us that much to my surprise I was actually a runner, and a runner who found she liked longer distances and actually ran on purpose.  It was time for some serious shoes.  After hemming and hawing I went to Fleet Feet Tulsa got fitted and tried on two  other equally amazing shoes, Mizuno Wave Elixir and Brooks Ravenna.  After I tried the Mizuno on he had brought out a pair of Pure Cadence.  Cue the sappy music.  It was love at first try.

So here is the lo-down on the shoes, these are just my thoughts on them anyway. I have now been running in them over a month, I have run outside, on a treadmill, running paths and street.  I have now run a 5k (and  PR'ed by the way) and finished an 11 mile run in them last weekend.  So I have truly put them to the test.

What I love:
 They are super light and flexible.  Something I have not had in previous shoes.  I can not imagine at this point that I will ever be able to say that they are heavy.

They are lower to the ground, and surprisingly enough I like that.  I don't feel like I'm up on heels and since I'm kind of klutzy, I feel like I have more stability being more on the ground.

I love that as an overpronator I can run in a more minimal shoe and get the support and guidance that I need without the heaviness.

The IDEAL heel is awesome.  There is a bit of a curve to the outer heel that helps with my overpronation and guides my strike a little better.  A little technical wonder that I can't really find a way to appropriately explain. I just know it works.

If you look close you can see the curve.  Initially it felt weird but I don't even notice it now.

The Nav band is another favorite.  It is a band that starts at the base of the shoe and runs all across the top and back down.  It helps lock my foot in place and thus cuts down on any friction issues.  I can even say that after my 11 mile run last week, I did not have any blisters or feel any friction.  Which is awesome for me.

The non technical stuff, they feel like nothing I've ever worn there is a smooth, less jarring feel and my feet feel great even after 11 miles, and I'm most certainly hoping they feel great after 13.1.

There is only one thing that I have had an issue with and it's more me than the shoe and that is with the Nav band.  If I am in a hurry to get ready (which would be my lunch runs on Tuesday's and Thursday's) I really have to watch where the Nav Band lands.  If it's in the wrong spot, I know it and I have to pause the run to fix it.  It's a quick fix, just slide it to the right spot.  But if I slowed down and made sure that it was where it needed to be the first time it wouldn't be an issue.

All in all, I'm over the moon, I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present, or a better shoe.  Thanks to Brooks I now "run happy" or maybe I should say happier.  Love my Brooks and thanks to Twitter, I know they love me back.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Count me in

In thinking about my running goals for 2013, I realized I had no goals, no direction.  I had been so focused on just running and completing the Princess Half that I didn't go beyond that.  It has become abundantly clear to me now that the Princess Half will not be my only half.  It might not even be my only Run Disney event.  Especially now that we have Disney Vacation Club, I can see more in my future.

Enter Jill Conyers and her 13 in Twenty-Thirteen.    The beauty of this challenge is that it gives me my direction.  Last year I ran mostly 5k's and this year I want to try and shake things up a little bit in terms of distance. The awesome thing about this challenge is that I'm not locked in to just one distance. I do think I might try to do more of the longer distances this year though and if that's the case I can be a little bit more flexible with my direction.

At this point I already have nine sorted out in my head.

Disney World Princess Half in February
Shamrock the Ville 5k
Run the Ville 10K
OKC Marathon (Half) - Tentative
The Color Run 5k
The Glow Run 5k
Woolaroc Road Race 8k
Tulsa Run 15k
Route 66 Marathon (Half)

 Nine thought out so far, not bad considering we haven't even gotten into 2013 yet.  I love having a challenge   to focus on now that February is looming closer.  I am so excited to see how my Thirteen in Twenty-Thirteen actually plays out.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Path To Princess Half: Two Months!!!

Really?  Two months?!  All of my obsessing is getting so so much closer.  So technically, I just leave in two months, the actual half is two months from Monday.  Still counts, right?

So what do I have left to do?
I still need a tank. I still need the puffy sleeves.  I still need to order my shorts for under my tutu. I'm actually slightly freaking out about the little details.  I really would like to try a run with the whole costume put together prior to the half.

What am I not freaking out about?  Oddly enough, the race itself. Even though I've only run a little over ten miles so far, I know that I can tack on a 5k and still survive intact.  My confidence level has increased so much in the last few months it's amazing.  I'm not as worried about actually finishing it as I am about whether I want to set a time goal, or whether I just want to have fun.  I'm guessing I'll find a happy medium in there.

I have now cancelled all of my ADR's that I had booked under the assumption that it would be a family trip.  Now, we only have one reservation and are talking about spa treatments and flying by the seat of our pants.  Whereas in the past it was go, go, go, schedule, schedule, schedule. This could be the most relaxing Disney trip yet.  Minus the 13.1 miles I will be running but oddly enough that is relaxing for me too.

Magical Express is booked...Once I get our luggage tags from them it is going to be totally real.  Right now I think I am in denial that I am actually going to do this.  It doesn't seem real yet.

My checklist is getting smaller and smaller. I'm slightly terrified and super excited in alternate turns.  Mostly excited though.  I can not wait!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Suzanne Gone Sporty

I woke up this morning to a happy email from the wonderful Laura Williams letting me know that I have been accepted to be a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador.  To say I was beyond excited would be an understatement. It may have even been the cause of an impromptu dance party in my bathroom this morning as I was getting ready for work.  Is that TMI?  Probably so.  

I've mentioned Girls Gone Sporty several times due to my new found love of "wicked wallies" and then that challenge provided the impetus for my December Every Day Fit challenge.  If you have not been to their site, I encourage you to check the Girls Gone Sporty group out at It's super informative and covers a broad range of subjects. 

I am so thrilled that I have been chosen to help represent them and to share my love of the sporty life.  I hope to be a great Ambassador for them and be a true representation of what they are looking for in their Ambassadors:    "We’re looking for women who embrace our tagline, “Live the sporty life!” Women who work hard, play hard, compete and eat, all with the intention of being their best, most positive selves."  

While I'm attempting to do that I hope I can encourage others to do the same. Won't you join me?  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Treadmill Tu(n)esday - Festive Edition

Since we are now rapidly approaching Christmas time, I thought I would liven up my interval play list with some Christmas songs just for a change.  Gives me a little bit of holiday cheer while I'm staring out into space.

So without further adieu, here is my Treadmill Tunesday play list.  Festive & Fun.

All I need is Love - Cee Lo Green & featuring the Muppets...This is off of Cee Lo's Christmas album which I think I am going to have to get the entire thing.  But this is a great start for now.  And you can't go wrong with the Muppets.  :)

Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters
Wizards in Winter- Trans-Siberian Orchestra (my favorite Christmas music comes from them)
Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars
Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses (80's cheesy holiday goodness)
Everybody Talks - Neon Trees
Banditos - Refreshments
Helter Skelter - Motley Crue's version
Live to Rise - Soundgarden
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius - Mary Poppins (Dick Van Dyke & Julie Andrews) - and why not?  It's fun, right?
This is Gonna Hurt - Sixx A.M.
Wild Ones - Flo Rida (featuring Sia)
and ending with the fabulous...
You're a Mean One Mister Grinch - Thurl Ravenscroft

Do you have any favorite holiday songs you like to add to your list?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Think I have enough?

I won a contest in October from Premier Protein for a case of their protein shakes. I received them in the mail last Thursday. So far, I've had a couple for breakfast and all I can say right now is yum! Thanks Premier Protein!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Holy cow.  How has it been a week since I was last here? Oh, wait that's right it's December.  My life right now consists of work, children's activities, husband hockey games and this silly little thing called half marathon training,.

Right now most of my life is either in my car or somewhere other than home.  My son has a speaking part in our church's Children's Christmas musical so he has had rehearsals for two hours every Sunday night.    My daughter has dance for an hour on Tuesday's gearing up for various community performances.

Both of these activities are ramping up right at the same time.  The Children's Musical is tomorrow morning, so Lewis E will be done with his winter activity then.  Just in time for my sweet girl (who just turned five on Thursday) to start having performances.

It's been crazy, so crazy that I was wondering how on Earth I would be able to get my long run in this weekend.  My training plan happened to call for an 8 mile run, which is a little more time consuming.  I almost thought about just skipping it.  Ultimately, I decided I was not going to skip it.  I had to figure out a way to make it work and I did.  It wasn't ideal, I went straight from work to my favorite treadmill in our fitness center at work and ran for a little over an hour.  I took a super speedy shower and then went straight to church to help with the finishing touches for the musical.

Here's what I learned this week.  I am never too busy to skip a run.  There is always time somewhere to fit it in.  Circumstances may not be desirable but it can be done.  Also, there was a sense of accomplishment for figuring out not only how to fit it in but doing it and enjoying it at the same time.  Might also through in the fact that I PR'ed my treadmill 10k at 49:53.  Man, I wish I was that speedy not on the treadmill.

In the meantime on the countdown to slower days and more time spent at home with my favorite people and less time in the car with those same people.  Life is good.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jingle Bell Rock 5k Race Recap and Happy Raceversary to me!

Yesterday's race was an important race for me.  One year ago was my very first 5k and it was at the very same Jingle Bell Rock 5k.  I went into yesterday excited because that one race turned out to be such a significant step in my running journey.

I can remember last year being totally freaked out.  I had gone through couch to 5k, but was not nearly as persistent as I should have been.  It was going to be cold.   Was I going to walk?  Would I leave my friend that I was doing it with?  If so would that be weird?  I mean, we signed up together shouldn't we finish together?  It turned out ok,  it wasn't that cold, I did walk and I did leave my friend.  I finished that first race at 40:18 by chip time.  Not spectacular, but not super bad for a first timer.  The big thing was that I did finish, and I wasn't last.  It also got me hooked on racing.

I would have never imagined at that time that I would be sitting here a year later having now 13 races in belt. Most 5k's but also an 8k, a 15k, and two legs of a marathon relay that equaled out to be 10.6 miles.  Also, I  had no intention of running a Half Marathon.   Not once did I think I would be where I am today.  But I am and I couldn't imagine my life without running now.

As far as the Jingle Bell Rock yesterday, it was the exact same route as last year, the same set up, the same charity.  Nothing with the race had changed.  I'm not saying that in a bad way, familiar is good.  I knew what to expect.  I knew it would be fun.  After two bigger races it was nice to be back at home. It was my first race in my new Brooks Pure Cadence as well, but more about them on another day.

The main thing that was different about the race was me.  I was far more confident in my abilities and in myself.  I also went into it knowing that I would probably be able to beat my time for last year. And I did.  Not only did I beat my time from last year, I PR'ed my 5k time.  I finished according to my Nike+ GPS in 29:56, by chip time 30:16.  Obviously, I prefer the Nike+ time.  Not quite sure how the differed by that much as I started it right as I crossed but really it doesn't matter.  Aside from the fact that I appeared to have finally broken the 30 minute time frame and for the first time, I'm actually pretty happy with the final results.

All in all a great first Raceversary if I do say so myself.  Can't wait to see where I am a year from now.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Every Day Fit: December Challenge

First it was "wicked wallies", then I attempted lunges for leftovers via the Girls Gone Sporty monthly challenges. I realized the beauty of the challenge was that I was trying new things and that I was switching things up.  I wasn't maintaining my normal.

I also loved that they could be done anywhere (maybe not so much with the lunges unless you like people looking at you like you have a third head).  No equipment was needed, no special talent, no extra time out of my day.    While contemplating the monthly challenges I thought I would see if I could come up with something along those lines.  

Fast forward to Tuesday, I was running late for work and dashed into the first open elevator, and we waited, and waited, and waited.  The doors did not shut, the elevator did not budge.  Not having time to wait around for another elevator, I hoofed up the four flights of stairs to my floor.  I know, cry me a river four whole flights of stairs, though I would swear it's closer to five.  At lunch the elevators were being wonky, so I decided to take the stairs up again and somewhere between the first and fourth floor my December challenge for myself was created.

For the entire month of December I am going to be taking the stairs up whenever possible (I already take them down 99.9% of the time).  This probably seems like a goofy challenge, but it meets my criteria.  I wanted something simple, not intimidating.  Something that would not take out any more from my day.  

 I wanted something that was easily accessible to me and to anyone else that wanted to join me.  I wanted something that could be done every day.  Something small that could eventually make a big difference in my fitness level. Even if it's small, it still counts.  

So who wants to join me?  It doesn't have to be stairs.  It can be anything no matter how small or how big.  Just needs to be easy, manageable within the context of your day.  If not joining me in the stair climb, what do you have in your daily life that you can challenge yourself to change.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Treadmill Tu(n)esday

I'm settling into my training and Tuesday treadmill routine.  Actually sort of enjoying the treadmill at the moment.  We've cooled off enough that I'm more content indoors than outdoors.  Baring in mind that I'm in Oklahoma and relatively fortunate in the weather department.  Today was in the 40's and I'm one who would rather be hot than cold.  Please remind me of this when I start griping in the summer about how stinking hot it is outside.

Changed up my treadmill play list a little so I thought I would share the new fun.

The songs that remained
This is Gonna Hurt - Sixx AM
Let Yourself Go - Green Day
Let's Go - Calvin Harris (featuring Ne-Yo)
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) - Pink

The newbies:
Miss the Misery - Halestorm
Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars
Banditos - The Refreshments
God's Not Dead - Newsboys (a little worship on the treadmill)

The super duper guilty pleasure (and yes, I am hanging my head in shame).

Heart Beat - Ross Lynch (Music from Austin & Ally)

There is probably something so terribly wrong with a woman my age to be listening to Austin & Ally music but the songs are just so stinking fun.  Yes.  I have more than one.  :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Path to Princess Half: Three Months

All I can say is WOW! Time is flying! What seemed like an eternity is now getting super close. I think with the upcoming holidays it will seem like I'm heading into warp speed. Now if I could only run that fast.

The last big detail has been resolved. My frequent running partner in crime, co-star in most of my pictures, and super great friend is coming with me. So girl's trip it is! To make it even more fun this will be her first Disney trip so it should be a blast!

Check out this handy dandy picture from the Run Disney site! Two particular things to note, one the countdown and two The Princess Half is now officially sold out! Crazy, crazy!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Great Christmas Cookie Challenge

With the holiday season rapidly approaching I realized I have an opportunity coming up.  My favorite thing to do with my little people around the holiday is bake.  I can not even begin to tell you how many dozens of sugar cookies we made last year.  Decorated, cut, you name it we did it.  While fun, obviously not super healthy.

So I have decided this year that I am going on a hunt.  The goal?  To find a relatively "healthy" sugar cookie recipe that we can use.  I want something that tastes great, has traditional sugar cookie dough ability and most importantly have a higher nutritional value that I can sneak past Mr. Picky Eater.  If I can get him to eat a cookie that's actually halfway good for him, that would be huge.

Not sure if I am expecting too much, but I'm searching.  Stay tuned.  I'll keep you all posted on my hunt.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Williams Route 66 Marathon Race Recap

Never in a million years did I imagine that I would willing set my alarm for 515 in the morning on a non work day.  Then add to that I woke up that early to run what turned out to be 10.6 miles, which is my longest run to date.  Though my nano had me at 14 miles with a much more impressive pace.

Did you catch that?  10.6 miles.  I did end up running the final two legs of the relay.  Unfortunately, one of my sweet running friends has a stress fracture and ended up being "booted"  No, we didn't kick her off the team.  She ended up with a lovely black boot on her foot instead of getting her medal.  She ended up being our transportation between relay points(a thankless job) and our biggest cheerleader.

I will say that the Route 66 group put on a great event for a bigger race   It seemed very organized and well put together.  At least from my limited race knowledge.  There were plenty of water/Gatorade stops and at one point they even had people handing out Gu.  Which I did take but did not try (yet).  There were so many people lined up along the route cheering everyone on.  It was amazing and the sense of community was in full display.

That being said I did not even get close to my goal.  There were way more hills than I had anticipated and you know how much I love my hills.  Not.  I did end up at an 11:41 pace, but I know I can do better and I will.  

I should add that while I am disappointed that I didn't do better, I had a blast.  This was so much fun and despite my nano being way off sync, I think in an odd way it helped.  I was less in my head and more involved in just running.  I did way more looking at where I was running, the sights, the signs.  I got to see some of Tulsa's most beautiful areas and ran past the hospital where my daughter was born, past the gas station we stopped at when we were leaving the hospital with her.  I had old memories mixing with new memories. The highlight was being blindsided by the finish line, I still thought I had at least a mile to go and all of a sudden I see my friend right beside me taking pictures.  Then I felt a push from behind and two of my friends ran with me to finish.  I needed that boost because I was kind of starting to drag and I finished with a huge smile on my face.

A little help from my friend...

 Bottom line though I accomplished what I set out to do and that was run the final two legs of the relay. I also learned that I am ready for the Princess Half.  I also know that my goal is not totally unreasonable for the half.

 But I also learned that sometimes running isn't about the time, it's about the adventure along the way.

Friday, November 16, 2012

A bit of a tease

Guess what I got last night? Any guesses?
The first part of my Princess Half costume has arrived.   It is so much cuter than I ever anticipated and I can't wait to wear it. 

So for now until I get the entire costume together, here is just a peek.  Check out that sparkly tulle. 


Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I love my shoes. Really, really love my shoes. It's early yet and once I get a few more runs in them, I will share all the mushy, gooey details!

But for now here is an early love note!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The treadmill that started it all

See this little unassuming treadmill? That was MY treadmill, my TV, my little spot on the wall.

This exact treadmill is the one that started me on this crazy all consuming journey.

It was here that I discovered my wings. My love of running. I spent at least three days a week for eight months finding myself all over again.

I rediscovered me...not hockey nerds wife, not just L & E's mommy. I discovered Suzanne. For the first time in a long time, maybe first time ever I found comfort in my own skin. I found a voice and my confidence that was not there before.  I found a cure for bad days and sad days.I found a way to make good days better.  I found my outlet.

In this month of thanksgiving. I am thankful for this little treadmill and the steps that changed my world.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was the day, i went to go shopping for my new running shoes. I was armed with what i thought i knew about what kind of runner I am and what kind of shoes i thought i wanted. But after discussing with my husband I finally bit the bullet and made the trek to my closest Fleet Feet to get fitted for new shoes.

It was not nearly as awkward as I anticipated, it was actually in and out fairly quickly as well.

Here's what I learned..I have narrow boat feet with a high arch. Most of that was not new to me. I was surprised that my foot was considered narrow but I guess I haven't really done much comparison. I also learned that I was a mild overpronator. Again not terribly surprising, I knew that was the case but it was not as bad as I thought. Also, I gotta admit it was kind of a cool to see the "mechanics" of how I run. No shoes, no socks...just naked feet and rolled up jeans. Amazing actually.

It ended up being between three pairs of shoes. The Mizuno Wave Elixir 7 , the Brooks Ravenna and the Brooks Pure Cadence. I narrowed it down to the Mizuno (super light and very cushy but a little adverse to the color) and the Pure Cadence, also super light and amazingly cushy and a great color combo. They also were on my short list.

So in the end I went with the Pure Cadence. Can't wait to actually start running in them.

So without further adieu...may I introduce you to my new shoe loves.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Decision Made

And the new running shoes won! Now to just decide which shoes I want! Planning on shoe shopping tomorrow!

Wow...a little exclamation mark he act there...

Who knew I would be so excited about new running shoes? Can not wait!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

If you're not first...

You're last.   :)

Just found out today I'm running the final leg in that other little race I'm participating in called The Route 66 Marathon.  This will be my first marathon relay and I am really excited about it.  I'm running with four amazing ladies.  Two of whom are my frequent partners in crime, at least according to my husband.  I swear you have a little fun at one race and it's hard to live down.

So the good things about running last is that it will be a little warmer by the time I start, I'll get that big burst of adrenaline near the finish line.  I'll briefly get to feel like I conquered the world, at least via my specific leg.

The only disadvantage I can see, and this is probably a big one for me.  I'll have time to stew and fret and obsess.  I'll have time to get cranky, edgy and then back again.

But mostly last is good.  I can hang with being last.  Might even learn to enjoy it a bit more and at the end I have this little beauty waiting for me.

Who wants to be first anyway?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Playlist Love - Treadmill Tuesday edition

Since I started my official Princess Half Marathon training three weeks ago, I have been spending my Tuesday and Thursday runs inside.  It's been perfectly nice weather wise.  I just have decided I want to work on intervals and inclines for a bit. The best way for me to do that is to chain myself to the treadmill.  Oddly enough,   I haven't minded it too much.  Maybe because the end justifies the means?  I have started to see visible proof that intervals are good on my long run.   

In addition to shaking up my running routine, Tuesday has been intervals only.  Thursday is now ten minutes of incline with intervals thrown in the middle for good measure.  I also have updated my playlist.  I actually found myself smiling the entire 35 minutes.  Love that music can make something that could be so tedious, so much fun.  

In honor of that here is the most recent update of my playlist aptly named "fun".  Admittedly, it's mostly cheesy but cheese can be good.  No particular order as I usually play it on shuffle.

Break Your Hear - Taio Cruz and Ludacris
Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
Good Feeling -  Flo Rida
Let's Go - Calvin Harris (featuring Ne-Yo) *This is currently one of my favorites.  
Settle Down - No Doubt
What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
Wild Ones - Flo Rida (featuring Sia)
We Are never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
Let Yourself Go - Green Day
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) - Pink
Everybody Talks - Neon Trees
Jigga What/Faint - Jay- Z & Linkin Park (love, love, love this combo)
This Is Gonna Hurt - Sixx A.M.  * New favorite
I Cry - Flo Rida
Up All Night - One Direction

Super cheesy, but so much fun.  

Since I'm in music mode, help me spend the 30.00 worth of iTunes credit I currently have burning a hole in my pocket.  What are some of your favorite songs right now?  Any good ones I'm missing?  Let me hear 'em.  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Finding my Pace (and my confidence)

I've struggled a bit finding my pace. I've mostly played with intervals and not so much just running. Something I've noticed though now that I've done two longer races that I have found myself running more and walking less.  That's not to say I am going to stop doing intervals but it's been nice to see how my pace has developed outside of the intervals.

Initially when I first started running outside and not on a treadmill, my pace was all over the place.  I'd start out slow and then speed up way to fast and then I'd get tired and start walking for a few minutes. I'd start running again and the whole process would repeat.  I started doing intervals to try and give myself a break until I could figure out my pacing.  Which, in retrospect, was probably not the ideal way to use intervals.

But what I have learned recently is that I'm finding a pace.  I am capable of recognizing when I am going faster than I need and slow myself to down to a more happy, less frantic pace.  I also have figured out that if I do get tired, I can just take my pace down again and then speed back up when I'm ready.  What this means for me is that I'm seeing less peaks and valleys and a more steady pace.  But ultimately what I think this truly means is that I am getting more confidence in myself and my abilities.  Isn't that what running is all about?  Going outside of yourself and challenging yourself and by doing so developing a sense of confidence that maybe wasn't there before.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

I might have a birthday coming up and I have some big decisions to make for birthday present from my husband.  In the past this would have been a no brainer.  But now it's a far trickier decision.  My choices?  New running shoes or an iPhone5.  Yes, I know First World problems..

So many merits to both.  One I need new shoes, my feet would greatly appreciate them.  Happy feet make for a much happier run for Suzanne  Two, you can never have too many pairs of running shoes right?  The iPhone is more of a want than a need.  But seeing as I still have an old 3GS the features would be pretty nice.

Who knew I might favor a pair of shoes over new technology?   The tide has turned for sure.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

It seems as if I have spent a lot of time talking about things that I want to add to my running arsenal and not as much time mentioning the things that I already love.  So for fun I thought I would share a few of my new favorites that I have run (pardon the pun) across lately.  

One thing that I've noticed now that I'm starting to get into longer runs is that I am starting to get more friction blisters.  Admittedly, right now I am also in need of new running shoes, so that's adding to the issue.  Everyone I know has talked about Body Glide, but after not finding it at my local store, and seeing as when I decide I want something, I tend to be all Veruca Salt about it.  In other words, I want it now!  Imagine my surprise stumbling upon Gold Bond Friction Defense.  It had everything I was looking for, it is gentle for sensitive skin (hello, eczema) plus it helps reduce friction while soothing and moisturizing.  It also is not greasy and goes on smooth, no weird texture, no strong odors.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I have been pleasantly surprised.  I absolutely love it.  I put it on now before every run, long or short and I have not had any new blisters appear since I started using it.  This will definitely be a permanent addition to my running stash.

The other newest find for me has been Gatorade Energy Chews.  This was yet another stumble upon until I could find something else.  Another surprise.  I had been looking for something to help with the drop in energy during my runs.  I am slightly texture adverse so I wasn't sure that the gels were right for me and so I found the Gatorade Energy Chews and decided to try them.  I have mainly stayed with Fruit Punch and I have really, really liked them.  The first time I tried them was for the Woolaroc Road Race and I did notice I didn't not have the energy drop.  I also finished five minutes under my time and joked about the Energy chews being responsible for the speed.  I also have used them on long runs and I used them on the 15k and I do think I see the merits of these for me.  

Of course, I should say that these are my opinions and thoughts on things that have worked for me.  Not endorsed at all.  I'm always excited to find new things and am so happy that I accidentally found both of these products that I just had to share.  

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tulsa Run 15k race recap

Today was sort of a litmus test for me. It was my longest race to date. Also, the largest in terms of runners participating.

I didn't decide to actually even sign up for this one until last Sunday. Can we say procrastination? I am so glad I did! Even if I froze my booty off for a bit. It was nice to participate in a 35th anniversary race.
One of my favorite signs along the way.  

This race was fun, not Color Run/Glow Run fun...but just pure no gimmicks fun.There were costumes ranging from Elmo and Mrs. Elmo in matching John Cena  Rise Above cancer shirts complete with matching arm bands and sweat bands. A little Snow White, four running Minnie's, several Wonder Women, Sonny and Cher. I actually paced myself off the Minnie's for awhile.

 Despite the cold people were all along the route cheering us on. Live bands along the route livened things up. Possibly my favorite part though was coming up to the finish line I heard my name over the PA by the announcer, let me tell you there's nothing like hearing your name called out like that to make you finish strong.  

I finished a little slower than what I hoped for. I was shooting for 1:39 and ended up at 1:41. But I did lower my pace time compared to my 10k time. My pace was 16 seconds faster per mile than my 10k. So I know I really shouldn't be too upset.  

What I am taking away from this race is that I like the longer runs. I catch my stride when some people might burn out. I also learned how to negotiate my biggest pack of runners yet and it wasn't nearly as chaotic as I expected it to be.I also got a new favorite long sleeve tech shirt out of the deal and a new medal to add to my wall.   Finally compression capri's amazing.

This will be a repeat next year for sure.

Friday, October 26, 2012

You will be mine!

Big news in the Princess Half Marathon world.  The 5th Anniversary medal was just revealed.  Actually, it was revealed two days ago, but that still constitutes as just, right?  

So in just barely under four months, this little beauty will be all mine.  

Isn't it beautiful? Five stones for each of the years the race has taken place.  Super blingy and all sorts of girly.  Cannot wait to have this around my neck and then add it to my medal wall when I get home.  

And just as an aside, how on earth is it getting so close?  Crazy.  I feel like time is flying.  But I can not wait.  I'm sure you haven't guessed that one yet.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Proud to Sweat Pink!

Check out the super special new badge I have on top of my sidebar.  Do you see it?  Isn't she pretty?  As of yesterday I became a Sweat Pink Ambassador through Fit Approach.  

What does that mean you might ask?  Sweat Pink Ambassadors live the Fit Approach mission every day; they sweat hard, play hard and inspire those around them to achieve their best selves.  This is truly what I try to do be the best Suzanne that I can be whether it's running, working, or family time.  I try to encourage those around me to do the same as well.  Most importantly I am striving to show my littles that they are capable of doing anything, that they are stronger than they know.  I am trying to instill in them a love of being active and of making better food choices, even if it's not always the fun one.   

The perk for me is to be involved with an awesome community that strives for the same goals that I do, we are not all runners but we are all athletes in our respective ways.  I can continue to learn and grow in my fitness journey with a group of supportive sisters behind me.  

I am so honored and excited to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!  

Monday, October 22, 2012

And so it begins...

This calendar reminder popped up for me today. Tomorrow is the day that I "officially" start my training for the Princess Half! I am using Run Disney guru (and Olympian) Jeff Galloway's "finish upright" training plan.

I initially downloaded the plan to increase my time but at the time I allowed myself to get intimidated by a 16 mile run.

I will say now I'm not quite as intimidated but figured I haven't done a half yet so I will continue to work on the mechanics and hope the speed comes along with it!

I will also admit I do have a time goal i mind already. After my 15k on Saturday I will have a better idea as to whether I'm overestimating or underestimating my ability.

Here I go! The Princess Half is finally getting close.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Well, that's a first

I swallowed my first bug. At least the first bug that I was actually aware of swallowing. Yep, super fun.    Not a pleasant experience but not nearly as bad as I thought.  I'm not willingly going to try to repeat it again though.  But for now, I will chalk this up to a running rite of passage.

Friday, October 19, 2012

What makes a runner?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I have to admit, sometimes I feel a bit silly chronicling my journey as a newbie runner. Even as recently as this past Saturday while lined up at the start for the Woolaroc Road Race I felt like a sham. I had my running shorts on, my new nano, my Asics, my long sleeve dri fit on but I felt so out of place. It's kind of insidious how those thoughts creep in. I'm plugging along and wham insecurity creeps in. "You are not a runner yet, you aren't fast don't train hard enough, you don't push yourself hard enough". I'm sure you get the idea. But then I go and beat my goal and I think "ha! take that". Yes, I do have these internal conversations quite often. Here's what I'm learning, running is as much mental as it is physical. I am only competing against myself not against anyone else. When I begin to hesitate in thinking I am a runner, I realize there really is only one prerequisite to carry that designation. I am a runner, because I run. Plain and simple. It doesn't matter how fast, a mile is still a mile. It doesn't matter if I might do run, walk intervals every once in awhile. It doesn't matter what gear I have or don't have. I get out there at least three times a week and I run. I run because I enjoy it and because it has changed me. That alone makes me a runner.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Everybody's doing it!

Wicked Wallies that least in my house. Two weeks ago I decided to take part in Girls Gone Sporty Wicked Wallies Challenge.

I thought it would be a fun and quick way to add another level to my quest to get fit. It has not disappointed...I actually look forward to doing it first thing in the morning and I can see myself continuing with the wall squats even after the challenge is over. I even have done it while visiting my sister. So easy to do no matter where you are...if there is a wall there is a way to get it done.

Initially, I have been doing it on an empty wall in my bedroom closet. The past two days I have been off with my littles for fall break and so I moved out to the living room. By doing this it has raised the interest of my daughter and our black lab.

My daughter wanted to try and the pup decided it was a great time to give me some love.
It's been a fun way to sneak some extra core exercises in and as an added bonus my littles get to see me trying to be fit in what could be seem as a rather unconventional and to them a seemingly fun way. Bonus!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Since I've been in a bit of a short run rut, I've been looking for motivation to get out there and just run.

This is exactly what I needed.

Such a great reminder.  Even if I don't want to run, the results (mood, energy, overall well being) are undeniable.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Woolaroc Road Race 8k Race Recap

I have grown up around Woolaroc most of my life.  It's always a great reminder to me of Oklahoma.  The history that is here, the beauty of the grounds, the animals, the legends of Frank Phillips and his infamous poker games and the dastardly bank robbers that would hide out in the rock formations in the hills.

When my husband and I got married we actually considered having at least the reception there but opted against it mainly because of the distance from our church but the location wasn't easily accessible for everyone.

That being said I have heard people talking about the Woolaroc Road Race for awhile.  I never thought that I would actually run it though.  Quite frankly didn't want to run it.  Why would I not run a race in a spot that I loved?  Simple, hills and lots of them.  I don't like hills.  They intimidate me but I do realize I have to run them to get better at them.  Why did I end up running the road race?  The Oilman's Challenge, a nifty little medal that I can get after completing a local 5k, 8k and 10k from August 2012 through March of 2013.  So I caved.  I was a little nervous because I have slacked off on running this week, also none of my running friends were going to be me with me.  Oh yeah, and have I mentioned I don't like hills?  This was a perfect opportunity to see how it will be when I run the Princess Half solo (with thousands of new friends).

We all got up early and headed out to Woolaroc the amazing thing was being there so early we got to see a ton of the animals roaming free, mostly deer and buffalo.  Seeing the animals out in plain view got me so excited to be able to run around Woolaroc that I almost forgot the hills.  Almost...

The beauty of the run today was just spectacular.  The fall hues are waking up, lots of green still on the ground, crisp but humid air and a slight rain for a few minutes.  I found myself in awe of the surroundings and just how stinking pretty Woolaroc is, and also realized that I need to visit more often with my family.  While most of the animals disappeared while we were running (they were conveniently being fed at that time) there were still some animals in their homes that actually ran along their enclosures with us.  Pretty cool.  

I did find myself distracted by my surroundings and was not so focused on my pace and intervals.  I just was there.   The only downside (other than the hill that might replace my nemesis hill) was that I had to stop not quite half way and fix my chip.  I didn't quite get it right and it was almost off. So I lost a  little bit of time there but couldn't help that.  I'm trying not to focus on the what ifs because I really did better than I had planned and even clocked my fastest non treadmill mile today.  I will also say that I can see that my incline work on the treadmill has paid off as I did actually run the hills.

 I had a goal in my head of 55 minutes (roughly based on my recent 10:34-11'ish pace I seem to be stuck at lately) and I finished around 50:24 (give or take a second or two).  I finally broke my pace up a bit.  Despite having the unplanned stop I'm pretty pleased with that time.

All in all it was a great race, a beautiful morning and I so can't wait to do it again next year.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Run anyway...

Ever have an off week? Where as much as you love to run and know how much better things are after a run, you just don't want to do it? 

That's been me this week. I just can't quite get there. So many excuses, I have to go to the bank...I have a headache...I'm tired...I don't want to just run a half hour...I have an 8k on Saturday and I have a "bonus" run that I can sneak in on Sunday.

Here's what I've learned this week I can always come up with excuses, justifications, whatever but when I don't want to run is when I need it the most.

So from here on out when I don't want to run...I will run anyway. No matter what and I will feel so much better because I did.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tutu Excited

Pardon the cheesy pun, but my tutu has officially been ordered and paid for.  I am so stinking excited and I can't wait to show it to you when I get it.

It is perfect!  Had every element I was looking for...even if I didn't know what that was until I saw this tutu.  Of course, I should fess up I found it on a Google image search and was part of a four year old birthday party theme.

My husband would say that is a perfect choice for me ;)  The age, not necessarily the character.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Gear Envy: Shoe Edition

One thing I'm learning is the more I run, the more gear I hear about and the more things I want to get as things go forward.  So I thought I would share what I am eyeing for the future.  LOL

First off new shoes.  I love my Asics, but they are over six months now and are starting to feel heavy.  When my shoes stop being comfy or feel heavy I start shoe obsessing.  I am an overpronator even though I have a high arch and generally like stability, but now I am trying to find something that provides stability and is lightweight.  Bonus points for a good color combo.

Here are the ones that I am considering for my next go round.  One by word of mouth and the others just from my own research.

The first Nike LunarGlide:  One of our good friends in Philly recommended these shoes the last time we were there.  Love the color combo
 Next up the ones that I've been looking at without the recommendation.

The Mizuno Wave Inspire

The Brooks Pure Connect:

And finally the Asics Gel Phoenix, as I mentioned I love my Asics Gel's that I have right now so these might be a safe bet too.

Are you noticing a color trend?  hmm...think I'm leaning to grey and purple.  At this point though the Lunarglide and the Wave Inspire are in the forefront.  I don't think I could go wrong with any of them.  Who knew picking my running shoe would take so much time and research.  I'm also even more impressed that I can say I overpronate and actually know what I'm talking about.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have been so Princess Half focused that my first marathon relay is looming a little over a month away!

I was worried about it when we initially signed up for the relay because outside of one 10k I hadn't much past 3 miles on a consistent basis. I was also bold enough to volunteer for two legs if necessary. That really scared me.

I suppose I have been so focused on the half and increasing my distance that I had inadvertently been preparing for the relay. I also am so much more confident in my abilities and if for some reason I have to run two legs, I know that I would be able to do that without too much fear.

So here comes the mini countdown to my relay.  Just 44 days away.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Groove

Now that I've been running longer distances I've learned one important thing.  It now takes me six miles to get into my groove.  I lose all track of time, stop watching my pace, stop watching my mileage like a hawk and just run and don't want to stop.  It's that euphoria, that high, that keeps me going.   Even on the days that I don't want to go, even on days I'm saying I'm only going to run X number of miles.  I hit the groove and all is forgotten and I'm free.  

Once I hit my groove, I am unstoppable, I am strong.  I am everything I never thought I could be.  I can now see me running 13.1 miles.  I can actually see me running even slightly beyond that, which kind of scares me.  

I've heard people discussing how far they have to run to get that spot, it's been kind of elusive to me.  Now I know why...I just haven't been running far enough to find it.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Path to Princess Half: 5 Months!'s starting to seem so close but at the same time so far away.  

Most of the big details are done:
Our first DVC stay booked
Flights booked
Princess picked for costume
Tutu found (getting ready to order soon)
Puff sleeves being made by a friend to slip on.
Friend on stand by to go with me if the fam can't make it.
Advanced Dinner Reservations mostly made (the rest depend on who is coming with me)

What's left to do?
Find a cute running tank to go with the costume
Research sleeves
Buy shorts for under tutu (hello Sparkle Bottoms)
Decide on whether I truly want to have a cute little glittery headband.  
To Race Retreat or not Race Retreat.
Buy cute Raw Threads Race You to the Castle shirt.  

What's up next?
My Jeff Galloway Princess Half Training Starts in less than a month.  Eeek...This is getting really

The big question still remains...who is coming with me?  Husband and Munch and Monkey.  Or my running friend.  Hope this one is answered soon. :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ooh Shiny!

I've got a new running toy! Up until recently I have been running with my iPhone using the Nike+GPS app. Love, Love, love it!

I started to realize though that the longer I ran the more the closer my battery got to zero. Even if I started at. 100% is ended up super low. Outside of the fact I get a little twitchy without my phone, I just didn't like the idea of potentially losing phone functionality to support my runs.

Enter the Nano. I loved that the 6th generation was so small. Loved that I could attach it to a watch band. I am pretty much addicted/familiar to my Nike+ , so this was a no brainer for me. I opted for this version instead of waiting for the new one solely based on size. Kind of was into the idea of ditching the arm band bulk of my phone.

I was hesitant because I didn't think I would like the chords from my ear buds running the length of my arm. I was also concerned that I would have to start all over with Nike+ since I didn't see away to sign in. Turned out the chord wasn't a big deal but it will take a little getting used to, but wasn't the total pain I expected. As far as Nike+, I was quite pleasantly surprised that once I hooked the Nano up to charge that it recognized I already had Nike+ and asked if I wanted to sync it. I might have actually done a happy dance around my living room at 11p last night.

I think I'm in love!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Scenery

Every Saturday I head out to my normal long run location.  It amazes me how beautiful it is.  Lots of Twilight'ish heavy, tall trees, birds, squirrels, deer, well you get the idea.  

Since I was playing with my new iPod Nano today, meaning my phone was free from my Nike+ GPS use.  I thought I would take some pictures of where I am beginning  to spend a large chunk of my Saturday morning.  

(Note to self:  Next time I take decide to take pictures during my long run, I need to remember to pause Nike+ so I can get an accurate pace time.)

Towards the beginning. 
 The Suspension cool 

The Duck Pond...Very spoiled ducks and semi-agressive geese....Beautiful area though.  

Meet my "Nemesis Hills" or known locally as "Cardiac Hill". The first picture is going up.  The second picture is one of my favorites from today with my shadow, and this is coming back down.  I much prefer going down and hit a top speed today of 7:14 here.  

I can not wait to see the leaves start changing.  It is going to be an amazing place to spend my Saturday morning.  

The end result today.  Due to a previous commitment I had only planned to run five miles today.  Then I decide while running to do "just a 10k".  I hit 10k and didn't want to stop so I decided to go to eight miles.  I definitely could of kept going. It was a beautiful morning.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More shake fun. PB Chocolate Banana

Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana
This is a mixture of a couple of recipes I found. The main part is from Spark Recipes when I Googled PB2 shakes.

1/2 cup Oikos Yogurt
1 cup unflavored Almond Milk
1/2 banana
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
2 T chocolate PB2

This may be my favorite so far! I want to try it without the banana Friday. I made this tonight and stashed in the freezer. I will move it to the fridge in the morning to thaw.

Shake, shake, shake

Today was my first attempt at making my own breakfast protein shake. Up until today I had been using one of the pyramid marketed pre-packaged shake mixes.

No complaints with the old, it just got expensive and I am getting confident enough with my food choices that I thought I could start making my own for less and have way more flexibility.

So armed with only chocolate protein powder, the Internet and Chocolate PB2 powder I started this morning.

I wish I had thought to photograph it before I slammed it down this morning. So for now I will just share the details on the recipe.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shale
1 scoop double chocolate whey protein powder
2 T chocolate PB2
1 cup Unflavored Almond milk

Dumped all in blender on milk shake setting.

It was YUMMY! My old shakes would take me over an hour to finish, sometimes two hours. This was slammed in less than an hour! I was worried the snack monster would hit this morning and it did not! So not only yummy but filling too!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Strange Bedfellows

Just a few snippets from my long run play list today.  Set on random and right in a row.

First round:
Metallica - Fuel
Led Zeppelin -  Hey, Hey what can I do
Flo Rida - Good Feeling
Beastie Boys- Sure Shot
One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
Jay-Z & Linkin Park - Numb/Encore

Round Two:
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Motorhead - The Game
Salt n Pepa - Shake your Thing
Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People
Calvin Harris (featuring Ne-Yo) - Let's Go
Metallica - Whiskey in a Jar
Taylor Swift - We are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell
Usher - Scream
No Doubt - Settle Down

I love how jumbled up it was today.  Those two series particularly amused me.  Can I just say I love, love, love my play list.  It's two and a half hours of happiness.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why I Run...September Edition

I know this is a subject I have brought up numerous times and I've gone all shiny, happy Suz with my reasons.  But I've neglected to mention one of the most important reasons why I run.  Seeing as September is a significant month to me, I figured this would be as good a time as any to bring it up.

Why is September near and dear to my heart?  It's Thyroid Cancer Awareness month.  Why is that important?  Because I am a Thyroid Cancer Survivor.  Over six years ago, my primary care physician notice a lump/nodule on my Thyroid.  That led to a series of ultrasounds and and more blood draws than I care to count as well as several fine needle biopsies on my thyroid for several years.  Four years ago the fine needle biopsy came back inconclusive, that biopsy led to a full/complete thyroidectomy.  A few short days later I was officially diagnosed with Papillary Carcinoma.  The "good thing" about Thyroid Cancer is that it is supposedly "the best kind of cancer to have" as in it's easily treatable (in theory). Though I'm not sure any kind of cancer can or should be dubbed "good" regardless of "ease of treatment".  But I digress.  After two rounds of Radioactive Iodine Treatments over the course of two years, every six month a trip to my endocrinologist for blood work and more adjustments to my Synthroid dosage, I finally have been advised that my thyroglobulin  levels are at an all time low (which is good) and I've graduated to yearly appointments.

So neat.  I'm a survivor, what does this have to do with running?  Easy, the loss of my thyroid = the loss of my metabolism.  After struggling for years not being at my "happy weight", struggling with constant weight gain and being the heaviest I had been (while not pregnant) I started Couch to 5k.  It could be purely coincidental that shortly after I started running that I finally started to see a downward trend to the scale, rather than the upward turn.  Running kick started my metabolism or whatever the equivalent is now that I'm missing my thyroid.

 Thyroid cancer took a lot from me, I kind of lost myself and some of my spark for awhile.  I allowed myself to be the victim, I allowed myself to wallow.  Running brought me back, running replaced what I thought was gone and amplified it more ways than I could ever imagine.  Running made me the victor of my circumstances, not the victim.  That, my friends is the true magic to running for me.

So in honor of this being Thyroid Cancer Awareness month, I wanted to share my story a bit more.  I also want to encourage you to "check your neck" often.  Be proactive, early detection is key.  For more information on Thyroid Cancer please check out for some facts about Thyroid Cancer.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Treadmill Tuesday: The View

Just for fun I thought I would share the view from my Treadmill. I am super fortunate that I work for a company that values and encourages fitness and over all well being. This is the view I see on my lunch treadmill runs in the company fitness center.

Just imagine what people were thinking when I whipped out my phone from my armband to take not one but several pictures. For the record, I did feel a little doofy but oddly rebellious at the same time.

Pretty exciting, isn't it?I have a favorite treadmill so it's pretty much the same view twice a week. Even though the building doesn't change at least the cars move and people walk by the vast expanse of windows right in front of the treadmills and ellipticals.

It's better than just staring at a wall though...Right?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Path to Princess Half: No Turning Back Now

It's official.  Flights are now booked.  I am truly on my way to the 2013 Princess Half in Walt Disney World.  

Feeling kind of scared, kind of excited and slightly nauseous.  It's kind of funny because as much planning as I've thrown into the idea already.  I think it's been just that an idea.  Now it's I've bought a plane ticket and I'm on my way to Orlando real.  Ack!

Now the final detail remaining is who is coming with me.  Will it be the family or is it going to be a girls trip.  Only time will tell on that one.  But I can at least say with absolutely certainty that I am going to Disney World in February and I will be running my first half marathon.  

Race you to the Castle!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eight Miles

Today was a milestone kind of day...I didn't break any records by any stretch of the imagination. I did break one important one and that was my own.

I ran farther than I have ever run before. A whopping 8 miles. Never, never in a million years did I think I would ever be able to utter that sentence. Mind boggling really. But super empowering! I feel unstoppable when I run now. I can take on the world or at least my running path.

I noticed today that the music was not as important. I could only tell you maybe two or three songs that played. I was enjoying the sights, the sounds, the atmosphere of the run. I wasn't concerned with my time or my pace. I was just concerned with being there and completing my goal.

And complete my goal I did and then some. Actually went past my goal. Yay me!

Eight miles down 5.1 to go. Watch out Princesses I'm coming.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Let's Glow!

Last weekend was the inaugural Tulsa Glow Run.  This is another fun little extraordinary 5k.  The concept is a nighttime 5k all black-lighted and glowy .  Glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow glasses, fluorescent colors everywhere.

The night time path was lit by glow sticks and there was music along the course and "glow stations" to get your glow on.  Glow in the dark finisher medals were topped only by the glow-ing after party.  I think the medal might just be my favorite yet.  It's a medal and a night light.

 There were a couple of a technical difficulties, lots of people on a narrow course, other runners picking up the glow sticks along the sides of the path making it a little tricky to see the road and people who were a little less lit up.  But all in all I hope it comes back this way next year.

"Glowing" for it..Suz at finish line.