Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yay Me!

Please forgive me for a minute while I pat myself on the back.  It's starting to be crazy hot (read 102 degrees at 8p, 82 degrees at 7a) and the thought of running outside at noon has me heading straight to the treadmill.

I decided to work on speed this week.  My run today was on random incline and intervals.  According to my handy dandy Nike + app I broke not one but 3 PR's.  I recorded my fastest 1k at 4:44 seconds, my fastest mile at 8:22 and my fastest 5k at 26:42.  While I will be the first to acknowledge it's not record breaking, it is fairly impressive for me.  It indicates forward progress and beating my own records is good enough for me.  

I'm generally not happy with my pace, but today I am quite pleased with how it went.  Now, if I could just get my treadmill time to translate to road time.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fourteen Days!

Fourteen days from today the registration opens for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  I am so excited to register I even have a countdown on my work calendar.  It's my second step in my half marathon journey. bringing me even closer to my (for now) further out goal.

What was the first step you might ask?  We officially became a part of the Disney Vacation Club almost two weeks ago.  Something that we have talked about since before Hockey Nerd and I were even married.  So this venture is particularly exciting for us.

As of this moment I am only planning on doing one half marathon (sort of like I only planned to do one 5k) and in my mind if I'm going to do a half I might as well do it where I will be happy and Disney kind of encompasses that to me.  I'm in love with the fact that I can run through Cinderella's Castle not once but twice.  Love the fact that I will be able to run through the parks in the early morning hours and just soak it in.

Running for me has become an escape, has become a time when I don't have to be serious.  A time that I can just be me but without my guard.  Running has become a time that I can become an extrovert, yet still be an introvert.  I'm also kind of digging the fact that for one day I can pretend to be a princess. for at least part of the day.  Yes, I fully intend to run as a princess.  I am even in the process of researching princess running costumes.  But I have plenty of time to work that part out.For now I'm just counting down to the next big step in my journey.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Color Run Take One

Yesterday was The Tulsa Color Run.  This run is billed the happiest 5k on the planet.  After yesterday, I have to agree.  This was pure unadulterated messy fun.  Over 10,000 crazies woke up early on a Saturday morning to run (or walk)a 5k and have strangers chuck brightly colored corn starch on us as we passed by the color station.  By the end of the 5k, you end up a sweaty colorful mess.  

I didn't break any PR's on this one, but I didn't care. This was more about having fun and being with friends than it was about time.  The Color Run is not timed probably or that exact reason.  I will admit that I was obsessive enough to run my Nike+ GPS, to get track my time and the miles.  But I will tell you that I can not remember a single song that played and I did not obsessively check my time.   It was nice running just to have fun and not to try and beat a goal.  I'm not the type to get messy and silly  very often but the Color Run brought that side out in me and I'm so looking forward to doing it again a week from today in Kansas City.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The weekly run down

For the week of June 10th.
I tried to squeeze an extra run this week and it didn't quite happen, but that's all right.  Sort of...

Pace still on the slower side, but I'll make excuses for myself by saying it is hot, stinking hot.  The one chance I had to get an early run in (before 11a) was diverted by my brilliant decision to upgrade my iPhone IOS right before I ran.  Not smart.

Anyway, here's the breakdown of the week that was.

Sunday, June 10th.
Distance:  5k
Total Time:  33:58
Average Pace:  10:48

Tuesday, June 12th
No specifics other than the mileage because I was a total doofus and forgot to turn on my Nike +.  Thankfully, one of my lunch running buddies wore her Garmin.

Distance: 2.7 miles
Approximate time 33-35 minutes.  Who knows really.  I'm just going off our normal times.

Friday, June 15th.
This was my run instead of lunch.  I got ready late so I just stayed in and hit the treadmills at the Fitness Center in my building.  I decided to do random inclines and played with walk/run intervals.  I'm actually quite pleased with the results on this one.

Distance:  3.13 miles
Total Time:  27:11
Average Pace:  8.40

All in all, I will take it.  Some progress has been made toward one of my goals, which is what took me away from my extra run, not once but twice (tried Thursday and Saturday).  But that is a story for another day.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Run first...figure out lunch later

I've reached a new level of obsession. I had to make a choice between getting something for lunch or make up for missing my normal Thursday lunch run. Hands? Anyone? Yup, I ran. That's right I chose running over food.

Clearly, I am addicted.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Who knew?

Kale chips = Yum (and filling too)

Not necessarily run related, but I'm a huge snacker especially when I am bored.  So I have been on the hunt to find a yummy slightly salty snack that wouldn't be too terribly bad for me.  Obviously, moderation is key.  I think this might be it.  Not a lot of prep time and not a huge time investment.

If you're curious this is how I made them.

Kale (though I cheated and just bought the kale greens because I'm lazy like that)
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
Fresh Parmesan
Sea Salt
Bake at 375 degrees for about 12-13 minutes.or until crispy

If you are more industrious than I am and buy whole Kale, you will need to cut or tear the kale off the stem/stalk/whatever and rinse.

I used the bottom of my broiler pan and put a layer of kale down.  Drizzled the olive oil and then sprinkled fresh Parmesan and lightly sprinkle the sea salt.  I've heard you can also use Kosher salt as well.

Put in the oven and bake.  I tried 15 minutes but some of the Kale got a little extra crispy so I shortened the cooking time.


This weeks runs in review

This week was nothing spectacular really.  Three runs  total, the longest being 5.03 miles.  Pace was more like the poky little puppy than speed racer.  But I know that generally, the fact that I did run is way more important than whether I was happy with my pace (which honestly would be hardly ever), or how long I ran.  I did it.  I enjoyed it and I'm ready to hit it harder next week.  

One new change this week involves Jeff Galloway's running plan.  I had previously printed off his training  plan for running the Disney Wine and Dine Half and have kind of glimpsed through it.  I was playing around and found a little bit more information on it and have loosely implemented his strategies.  Basically, it entails taking your fastest mile pace and then doing run/walk intervals based on that time.  Though I didn't totally adhere to it, I can see some definite advantages especially in longer runs.  

There are two things I learned this week. The first thing I learned,   I don't like hills.  Don't like them at all.  They kill me.  I think I would rather have teeth pulled than run hills.  However, I am stubborn and like a challenge.  My favorite running trail route has a killer series of hills.  I know they are there I should take an alternate path, but I don't.  My current short term goal is to conquer the hills and not have them kill my pace.   Second, I must get more tech, dri-fit, climate-cool, whatever cool, shirts for the summer.  Such a huge, huge difference.  Even wearing a black tech shirt (thank you Run the Ville) in 78 degree weather was fabulous.  

Here are the numbers for this week.  

Wednesday, June 6th.  National Running Day.  Lunch Time run.
Miles:  2.77 
Time:  31:13
Average Pace:  11.16 
Calories Burned:  273 

Thursday, June 7th:
Miles:  2.71 
Time:  30:47 
Average Pace:  11:19
Calories Burned:  270

Saturday, June 9th:
Miles:  5.03
Time:  57:46
Average Pace:  11.28 (thank you hills)
Calories Burned:  519

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Day of Running

This is why I originally started running...

I have a huge, huge, huge sweet tooth. Ironically, I've almost entirely cut cupcakes out of my diet.

Now I mostly run because it takes me out of my head for a bit. But mainly, I run because I want to run.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Allow me to introduce myself! I'm Suzanne and I like to run. This is a newish addiction. Probably the best addiction I have had.

I started running Memorial Weekend 2011. I decided to try the Bluefin C25k app on my phone. Little did I know that a year later I would have completed seven 5k's, one 10k and be registered for several future events.

I see people running when I'm not and get envious. Running helps me clear my head. It gives me clarity, gives me focus. Running makes bad days good, good days better.

Running has given me a confidence and strength I did not know I had. I am a competitor but my competition is myself. The little voice that tells me I can't, that I'm too old, too slow, too whatever. I am my own worst enemy and running is my way of silencing that voice.

This is my journey going forward as I train for my part in a marathon relay. As I compete in 5k's and as I move onward to my ultimate goal of competing in the 2013 Princess Half marathon at Disney World in February.

Grab a comfy pair of shoes and join me.