Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fourteen Days!

Fourteen days from today the registration opens for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  I am so excited to register I even have a countdown on my work calendar.  It's my second step in my half marathon journey. bringing me even closer to my (for now) further out goal.

What was the first step you might ask?  We officially became a part of the Disney Vacation Club almost two weeks ago.  Something that we have talked about since before Hockey Nerd and I were even married.  So this venture is particularly exciting for us.

As of this moment I am only planning on doing one half marathon (sort of like I only planned to do one 5k) and in my mind if I'm going to do a half I might as well do it where I will be happy and Disney kind of encompasses that to me.  I'm in love with the fact that I can run through Cinderella's Castle not once but twice.  Love the fact that I will be able to run through the parks in the early morning hours and just soak it in.

Running for me has become an escape, has become a time when I don't have to be serious.  A time that I can just be me but without my guard.  Running has become a time that I can become an extrovert, yet still be an introvert.  I'm also kind of digging the fact that for one day I can pretend to be a princess. for at least part of the day.  Yes, I fully intend to run as a princess.  I am even in the process of researching princess running costumes.  But I have plenty of time to work that part out.For now I'm just counting down to the next big step in my journey.