Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Allow me to introduce myself! I'm Suzanne and I like to run. This is a newish addiction. Probably the best addiction I have had.

I started running Memorial Weekend 2011. I decided to try the Bluefin C25k app on my phone. Little did I know that a year later I would have completed seven 5k's, one 10k and be registered for several future events.

I see people running when I'm not and get envious. Running helps me clear my head. It gives me clarity, gives me focus. Running makes bad days good, good days better.

Running has given me a confidence and strength I did not know I had. I am a competitor but my competition is myself. The little voice that tells me I can't, that I'm too old, too slow, too whatever. I am my own worst enemy and running is my way of silencing that voice.

This is my journey going forward as I train for my part in a marathon relay. As I compete in 5k's and as I move onward to my ultimate goal of competing in the 2013 Princess Half marathon at Disney World in February.

Grab a comfy pair of shoes and join me.