Saturday, June 9, 2012

This weeks runs in review

This week was nothing spectacular really.  Three runs  total, the longest being 5.03 miles.  Pace was more like the poky little puppy than speed racer.  But I know that generally, the fact that I did run is way more important than whether I was happy with my pace (which honestly would be hardly ever), or how long I ran.  I did it.  I enjoyed it and I'm ready to hit it harder next week.  

One new change this week involves Jeff Galloway's running plan.  I had previously printed off his training  plan for running the Disney Wine and Dine Half and have kind of glimpsed through it.  I was playing around and found a little bit more information on it and have loosely implemented his strategies.  Basically, it entails taking your fastest mile pace and then doing run/walk intervals based on that time.  Though I didn't totally adhere to it, I can see some definite advantages especially in longer runs.  

There are two things I learned this week. The first thing I learned,   I don't like hills.  Don't like them at all.  They kill me.  I think I would rather have teeth pulled than run hills.  However, I am stubborn and like a challenge.  My favorite running trail route has a killer series of hills.  I know they are there I should take an alternate path, but I don't.  My current short term goal is to conquer the hills and not have them kill my pace.   Second, I must get more tech, dri-fit, climate-cool, whatever cool, shirts for the summer.  Such a huge, huge difference.  Even wearing a black tech shirt (thank you Run the Ville) in 78 degree weather was fabulous.  

Here are the numbers for this week.  

Wednesday, June 6th.  National Running Day.  Lunch Time run.
Miles:  2.77 
Time:  31:13
Average Pace:  11.16 
Calories Burned:  273 

Thursday, June 7th:
Miles:  2.71 
Time:  30:47 
Average Pace:  11:19
Calories Burned:  270

Saturday, June 9th:
Miles:  5.03
Time:  57:46
Average Pace:  11.28 (thank you hills)
Calories Burned:  519