Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The weekly run down

For the week of June 10th.
I tried to squeeze an extra run this week and it didn't quite happen, but that's all right.  Sort of...

Pace still on the slower side, but I'll make excuses for myself by saying it is hot, stinking hot.  The one chance I had to get an early run in (before 11a) was diverted by my brilliant decision to upgrade my iPhone IOS right before I ran.  Not smart.

Anyway, here's the breakdown of the week that was.

Sunday, June 10th.
Distance:  5k
Total Time:  33:58
Average Pace:  10:48

Tuesday, June 12th
No specifics other than the mileage because I was a total doofus and forgot to turn on my Nike +.  Thankfully, one of my lunch running buddies wore her Garmin.

Distance: 2.7 miles
Approximate time 33-35 minutes.  Who knows really.  I'm just going off our normal times.

Friday, June 15th.
This was my run instead of lunch.  I got ready late so I just stayed in and hit the treadmills at the Fitness Center in my building.  I decided to do random inclines and played with walk/run intervals.  I'm actually quite pleased with the results on this one.

Distance:  3.13 miles
Total Time:  27:11
Average Pace:  8.40

All in all, I will take it.  Some progress has been made toward one of my goals, which is what took me away from my extra run, not once but twice (tried Thursday and Saturday).  But that is a story for another day.