Saturday, July 14, 2012

The First Two Miles are the Hardest

A long, long, time ago there was a little girl who ran track on her junior high team.  This little girl was very, very strong willed and was almost certain that she should be a sprinter.  Her track coach did not, he was determined that this little girl was built like a distance runner.  Ha!  What did some goofy junior high school track coach know anyway?  The little girl pouted and sulked her way through two track seasons and though she ran what the coach told to run she did not apply herself and quit running at the end of her eighth grade year.

No big surprise, that little girl was me.  Fast forward more years than I care to admit.  That goofy junior high school track coach did know a lot more than I realized.  

I realized today that it takes me at least two miles until I get into my groove.  Unless, I am on the treadmill, I can not get myself going right off the bat.  I have started my weekend runs lately with the intention of "just" running a quick 5k.The first mile is the longest mile, it seems to go a little better by mile two.  But as soon as that three mile mark rolls around I don't want to stop.  Four miles rolls by, then four and a half and then five.  I have been stopping at five, but as soon as it cools down a bit or I get myself moving earlier on the weekend I will start extending past the five mile mark.  

Amazingly enough, that junior high track coach is still teaching at my old junior high.  Wonder if I should go apologize or maybe even thank him.