Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Official!

I am now officially registered for the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon 2013!  So, so excited and ever so slightly intimidated.  After all the furthest that I have run at this point is just 6.2 miles.  I have plenty of prep time and plenty of time to increase my distance.

Not surprisingly, this has been the forefront of my thoughts all day today.  The very key first step.  Next more fun things.  Like booking DVC, deciding on a princess, a costume and if I want to piece the costume together myself or have someone make one for me.  Also there is the decision of signing up for the race retreat. The race retreat is private tent area with porta potties, food, photo ops and general pre and post race merriment.  Thinking I will most likely do that.  Private porta potties, I'll pay extra for that.  :)

The biggest decision I faced today was which Princess to go with on my race bib.  So many favorites.  I ended up choosing Merida.  I am quite smitten with her at the moment.  She is also a contender for my race costume.  Why did I chose Merida?  Simple, even though she is strong willed, she was willing to step and do something out of the ordinary to follow what her heart thought was right.  Of course, there is the down side to that.  But her spirit and her bravery when needed are pretty admirable.    I will be proud to wear her on my Princess race bib, even if I don't represent her in costume.

I probably have said this before but running has taken me so far out of my comfort zone and it continues to challenge me. Running has been my moment of bravery, going outside of my ordinary, my normal, my "because it's what we do" and reaching for goals far outside anything I thought I wanted to do or thought I was capable of doing. Running my moment of extraordinary. My chance to be Brave.