Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Scenery

Every Saturday I head out to my normal long run location.  It amazes me how beautiful it is.  Lots of Twilight'ish heavy, tall trees, birds, squirrels, deer, well you get the idea.  

Since I was playing with my new iPod Nano today, meaning my phone was free from my Nike+ GPS use.  I thought I would take some pictures of where I am beginning  to spend a large chunk of my Saturday morning.  

(Note to self:  Next time I take decide to take pictures during my long run, I need to remember to pause Nike+ so I can get an accurate pace time.)

Towards the beginning. 
 The Suspension cool 

The Duck Pond...Very spoiled ducks and semi-agressive geese....Beautiful area though.  

Meet my "Nemesis Hills" or known locally as "Cardiac Hill". The first picture is going up.  The second picture is one of my favorites from today with my shadow, and this is coming back down.  I much prefer going down and hit a top speed today of 7:14 here.  

I can not wait to see the leaves start changing.  It is going to be an amazing place to spend my Saturday morning.  

The end result today.  Due to a previous commitment I had only planned to run five miles today.  Then I decide while running to do "just a 10k".  I hit 10k and didn't want to stop so I decided to go to eight miles.  I definitely could of kept going. It was a beautiful morning.