Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Groove

Now that I've been running longer distances I've learned one important thing.  It now takes me six miles to get into my groove.  I lose all track of time, stop watching my pace, stop watching my mileage like a hawk and just run and don't want to stop.  It's that euphoria, that high, that keeps me going.   Even on the days that I don't want to go, even on days I'm saying I'm only going to run X number of miles.  I hit the groove and all is forgotten and I'm free.  

Once I hit my groove, I am unstoppable, I am strong.  I am everything I never thought I could be.  I can now see me running 13.1 miles.  I can actually see me running even slightly beyond that, which kind of scares me.  

I've heard people discussing how far they have to run to get that spot, it's been kind of elusive to me.  Now I know why...I just haven't been running far enough to find it.