Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

It seems as if I have spent a lot of time talking about things that I want to add to my running arsenal and not as much time mentioning the things that I already love.  So for fun I thought I would share a few of my new favorites that I have run (pardon the pun) across lately.  

One thing that I've noticed now that I'm starting to get into longer runs is that I am starting to get more friction blisters.  Admittedly, right now I am also in need of new running shoes, so that's adding to the issue.  Everyone I know has talked about Body Glide, but after not finding it at my local store, and seeing as when I decide I want something, I tend to be all Veruca Salt about it.  In other words, I want it now!  Imagine my surprise stumbling upon Gold Bond Friction Defense.  It had everything I was looking for, it is gentle for sensitive skin (hello, eczema) plus it helps reduce friction while soothing and moisturizing.  It also is not greasy and goes on smooth, no weird texture, no strong odors.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I have been pleasantly surprised.  I absolutely love it.  I put it on now before every run, long or short and I have not had any new blisters appear since I started using it.  This will definitely be a permanent addition to my running stash.

The other newest find for me has been Gatorade Energy Chews.  This was yet another stumble upon until I could find something else.  Another surprise.  I had been looking for something to help with the drop in energy during my runs.  I am slightly texture adverse so I wasn't sure that the gels were right for me and so I found the Gatorade Energy Chews and decided to try them.  I have mainly stayed with Fruit Punch and I have really, really liked them.  The first time I tried them was for the Woolaroc Road Race and I did notice I didn't not have the energy drop.  I also finished five minutes under my time and joked about the Energy chews being responsible for the speed.  I also have used them on long runs and I used them on the 15k and I do think I see the merits of these for me.  

Of course, I should say that these are my opinions and thoughts on things that have worked for me.  Not endorsed at all.  I'm always excited to find new things and am so happy that I accidentally found both of these products that I just had to share.