Friday, October 5, 2012

Gear Envy: Shoe Edition

One thing I'm learning is the more I run, the more gear I hear about and the more things I want to get as things go forward.  So I thought I would share what I am eyeing for the future.  LOL

First off new shoes.  I love my Asics, but they are over six months now and are starting to feel heavy.  When my shoes stop being comfy or feel heavy I start shoe obsessing.  I am an overpronator even though I have a high arch and generally like stability, but now I am trying to find something that provides stability and is lightweight.  Bonus points for a good color combo.

Here are the ones that I am considering for my next go round.  One by word of mouth and the others just from my own research.

The first Nike LunarGlide:  One of our good friends in Philly recommended these shoes the last time we were there.  Love the color combo
 Next up the ones that I've been looking at without the recommendation.

The Mizuno Wave Inspire

The Brooks Pure Connect:

And finally the Asics Gel Phoenix, as I mentioned I love my Asics Gel's that I have right now so these might be a safe bet too.

Are you noticing a color trend?  hmm...think I'm leaning to grey and purple.  At this point though the Lunarglide and the Wave Inspire are in the forefront.  I don't think I could go wrong with any of them.  Who knew picking my running shoe would take so much time and research.  I'm also even more impressed that I can say I overpronate and actually know what I'm talking about.