Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tulsa Run 15k race recap

Today was sort of a litmus test for me. It was my longest race to date. Also, the largest in terms of runners participating.

I didn't decide to actually even sign up for this one until last Sunday. Can we say procrastination? I am so glad I did! Even if I froze my booty off for a bit. It was nice to participate in a 35th anniversary race.
One of my favorite signs along the way.  

This race was fun, not Color Run/Glow Run fun...but just pure no gimmicks fun.There were costumes ranging from Elmo and Mrs. Elmo in matching John Cena  Rise Above cancer shirts complete with matching arm bands and sweat bands. A little Snow White, four running Minnie's, several Wonder Women, Sonny and Cher. I actually paced myself off the Minnie's for awhile.

 Despite the cold people were all along the route cheering us on. Live bands along the route livened things up. Possibly my favorite part though was coming up to the finish line I heard my name over the PA by the announcer, let me tell you there's nothing like hearing your name called out like that to make you finish strong.  

I finished a little slower than what I hoped for. I was shooting for 1:39 and ended up at 1:41. But I did lower my pace time compared to my 10k time. My pace was 16 seconds faster per mile than my 10k. So I know I really shouldn't be too upset.  

What I am taking away from this race is that I like the longer runs. I catch my stride when some people might burn out. I also learned how to negotiate my biggest pack of runners yet and it wasn't nearly as chaotic as I expected it to be.I also got a new favorite long sleeve tech shirt out of the deal and a new medal to add to my wall.   Finally compression capri's amazing.

This will be a repeat next year for sure.