Wednesday, November 7, 2012

If you're not first...

You're last.   :)

Just found out today I'm running the final leg in that other little race I'm participating in called The Route 66 Marathon.  This will be my first marathon relay and I am really excited about it.  I'm running with four amazing ladies.  Two of whom are my frequent partners in crime, at least according to my husband.  I swear you have a little fun at one race and it's hard to live down.

So the good things about running last is that it will be a little warmer by the time I start, I'll get that big burst of adrenaline near the finish line.  I'll briefly get to feel like I conquered the world, at least via my specific leg.

The only disadvantage I can see, and this is probably a big one for me.  I'll have time to stew and fret and obsess.  I'll have time to get cranky, edgy and then back again.

But mostly last is good.  I can hang with being last.  Might even learn to enjoy it a bit more and at the end I have this little beauty waiting for me.

Who wants to be first anyway?