Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Treadmill Tu(n)esday

I'm settling into my training and Tuesday treadmill routine.  Actually sort of enjoying the treadmill at the moment.  We've cooled off enough that I'm more content indoors than outdoors.  Baring in mind that I'm in Oklahoma and relatively fortunate in the weather department.  Today was in the 40's and I'm one who would rather be hot than cold.  Please remind me of this when I start griping in the summer about how stinking hot it is outside.

Changed up my treadmill play list a little so I thought I would share the new fun.

The songs that remained
This is Gonna Hurt - Sixx AM
Let Yourself Go - Green Day
Let's Go - Calvin Harris (featuring Ne-Yo)
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) - Pink

The newbies:
Miss the Misery - Halestorm
Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars
Banditos - The Refreshments
God's Not Dead - Newsboys (a little worship on the treadmill)

The super duper guilty pleasure (and yes, I am hanging my head in shame).

Heart Beat - Ross Lynch (Music from Austin & Ally)

There is probably something so terribly wrong with a woman my age to be listening to Austin & Ally music but the songs are just so stinking fun.  Yes.  I have more than one.  :)