Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Count me in

In thinking about my running goals for 2013, I realized I had no goals, no direction.  I had been so focused on just running and completing the Princess Half that I didn't go beyond that.  It has become abundantly clear to me now that the Princess Half will not be my only half.  It might not even be my only Run Disney event.  Especially now that we have Disney Vacation Club, I can see more in my future.

Enter Jill Conyers and her 13 in Twenty-Thirteen.    The beauty of this challenge is that it gives me my direction.  Last year I ran mostly 5k's and this year I want to try and shake things up a little bit in terms of distance. The awesome thing about this challenge is that I'm not locked in to just one distance. I do think I might try to do more of the longer distances this year though and if that's the case I can be a little bit more flexible with my direction.

At this point I already have nine sorted out in my head.

Disney World Princess Half in February
Shamrock the Ville 5k
Run the Ville 10K
OKC Marathon (Half) - Tentative
The Color Run 5k
The Glow Run 5k
Woolaroc Road Race 8k
Tulsa Run 15k
Route 66 Marathon (Half)

 Nine thought out so far, not bad considering we haven't even gotten into 2013 yet.  I love having a challenge   to focus on now that February is looming closer.  I am so excited to see how my Thirteen in Twenty-Thirteen actually plays out.