Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bits & Pieces

I just realized I was overdue on some updates on some of my self-imposed late November / early December challenges.  It was a way for me to see if I could stick to my guns and rethink my normal.  I will say overall that both of them achieved that goal.  But one did not turn out quite as I hoped.

In the Great Christmas Cookie Challenge I was hoping to find some good/somewhat healthy sugar cookie recipes to fuel our normal Christmas cookie baking extravaganza.  My goal was to find something that I could sneak past my son that he would eat and that would be not quite so bad ingredient wise.  I scoured recipes even pinned a couple but in the end I realized that maybe instead of fixing the recipe, that maybe just maybe we could do the real thing but practice this thing called moderation.

 When it got right down to it, I went with what would work for the entire family and not just me.  I have been able to sneak some things past my Munch like Cake Batter Protein Pudding, but most new things he will not try.  The whole point of our Christmas baking frenzy is family fun and togetherness and making something that my son most likely won't eat just seemed kind of the opposite of that.  Maybe when he's older and not quite so set in his eating habits I'll try again but for now this mama is going to live by all things in moderation.  I will say that this year we practiced that quite well and only made one batch (a total of four dozen) sugar cookies spread out between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I would call that a success for us.

In my Every Day Fit December Challenge I was vowing to ditch the elevator and take the stairs. I managed to do that and actually had turned that into a habit that I'm still practicing.  I found that the more I did it the less of a deal it was to walk UP the four (or five) flights of stairs.  My office is being moved to another building and up to the sixth floor, so I'm going to have to work up to that one again.  But once I figure out where I'm going on a regular basis I will take that on too.  I like that something so small can create a huge change and go from a challenge to a habit.

After the Princess Half is done being looking for a new Every Day Fit Challenge.

I also wanted to mention you can now follow me on Bloglovin.  It's a great site that gives you the ability to follow all of your favorite blogs and receive notification when they are updated.  In the upper right hand corner there is a widget that will take you to my information.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!