Sunday, January 20, 2013

Costume Love

After many, many, many months of obsessively searching, planning, shopping my Princess Half Costume is complete.

Ok, well sort of. I have to get my shorts to go underneath. But the main components are finally together!

Before I get to the picture I would like to thank the people who helped me piece it all together.

It all started with the tutu, the one I fell in love with after a Google image search. The tutu was the start of the whole thing and I am so happy to say its even prettier and softer in person than I had imagined. Thank you Kristal @atutudes for helping me with this. I love it.

The tank was an eBay find. Super cheap (even better and NWT) and the perfect shade of blue.

Next up the sleeves are courtesy of my friend Brooke at Five Little Monkeys designs! They turned out so cute and really help tie the whole costume together.

The lovely red wide sparkly headband is from Sparkly Soul. I know it seems goofy for a short haired girl like me to have a headband but you can't be Snow White without the headband and who can resist sparkles? Not me. For the record it is super cute, super comfy and fits my big old head. Bonus.

Now that it is all put together I can honestly say the costume is exactly (if not better) as I imagined it would be. When I put it on yesterday I felt like a little girl. I didn't want to take it off. For those who are counting five weeks from today I will be wearing this awesome costume for my first half marathon! I'm positively giddy.