Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm cheating

That's right, I said it. I'm cheating on my prized Brooks.  I've picked up two new friends.  They may be small, but make me feel mighty.

Say hello, to my little friends....

One of my goals this year was to bring in a little weight training to my run schedule.  I've always been slightly intimidated by the idea of weights.  I'm slightly, uncoordinated.  Ok, highly uncoordinated.  I think I've mentioned that once or twice.  I also have this fear of looking like a complete doofus while learning something new so while I have plenty of free classes available to me via my work's Fitness Center (like Body Pump).  I have shied away because I'd rather look like a doof in my own home than in front of people I could potential work with, or even pass in the tunnels that connect or building.  

The other piece to this puzzle is that I really didn't want to commit any time that would take me away from my family at night, or take me away from my running during the days or on Saturday.  I wanted something that I could fit into my schedule and keep my inner klutz contained.  

So for Christmas I got my first Kettlebell.  A whopping five pounder, and I tracked down a You Tube Video for guidance.  I ultimately landed on Kettlebell Bombshell 10 minute Workout.  I figured this would be a good starting point. Since I had a lower weight I upped my reps to 20 and then gradually increased from there.  

As I got more comfortable with it, I saw this video shared by Fit Approach from Fit Sugar and I incorporated that into my Kettlebell Bombshell work out.  

I recently graduated up to a ten pound kettlebell and I'm already planning on adding to my collection very soon.  Right now I am doing both workouts every night followed by a wallie.  It's been great to see my progress and I have found oddly enough that I really enjoy it.  I can also see the smallest of small results and that enough is to keep me going.  

Once again what did I learn?  Stepping out of my comfort zone can be a good thing.  Not sure I'm ready to do any type of kettlebell or Body Pump class anytime soon.  But for now I'm good in the privacy of my living room swinging my kettlebell.