Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Powered by Bits

I recently discovered energybits on Twitter. I quickly became intrigued. I started following them and started researching energybits and got excited by the things I was reading and seeing.

Fast forward to last week when I was fortunate enough to win a free sample of energybits via Twitter. I was so excited because I would finally get to try them for myself. Friday in my mail, I got this sweet looking little package and I was so excited. It came right before a long run on so it was perfect timing. Haven't heard of energybits?

They are definitely worth looking into. Their energybits are 100% organically grown spirulina algae. There is only ONE ingredient spirulina algae. They are 64% protein and have the highest concentration of antioxidants and beta carotene. Check out the Nutrition facts on these tiny little bits.

They contain no sugar, caffeine or chemicals. For being so little, they pack a great value in terms of vitamins/minerals and nutrition. The best part? All of this is in one handy dandy little bit that is only a whopping one calorie per tab.

 Spirulina algae is know to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, helps reduce the risk of heart disease and balance blood sugar. It can help reduce anemia and curb hunger. One of the other traits that jumped out at me was that it can help improve skin, hair growth, and fingernails. Those are all attributes governed by the thyroid. Since my thyroid is now non-existent (thank you thyroid cancer) I am constantly having issues with eczema, hair loss and weak, ridged fingernails. So anything that can help improve those issues is a definitely plus in my book.

On Saturday I tried the energybits for the first time. I took 30 before my run and headed out. The run itself was a comedy of errors. But I did feel great and after I got home I took a few more because I knew it would be awhile before I would get a chance to rest and recover. I felt amazing the rest of Saturday, there was no lag, no residual dragging from it being my longest run yet at this point. Even on Sunday I still felt great. I am amazed that none of my normal long run aches and pains were not as prevalent.

I decided at that point that I knew I wanted to continue on with energybits and see where they continue to take me. The health benefits and the recovery benefits along with the extra energy and clarity were enough for me. I am excited to announce that not only am going to continue on being Powered by Bits, I am now an Ambassador for energybits and I could not be more thrilled. I'm proud to represent energybits and the whole Bits of Health family.

 Even more excited to bring you a discount if anyone has been wanting to try them but sitting on the fence, try them. You might be surprised by how a little bit of algae can change your day. I will have my discount code in the future, but for now if anyone is interested? Just use the code BLOG for a 10% discount. I should also add the disclaimer my original sample was given to me as part of a Twitter giveaway, but my opinions are my own.

 Got algae? I do!