Saturday, January 5, 2013

Surprising Saturday

Today was a big day for me.  It was my first twelve miler.  As you may suspect I had worked myself up about it.  It really shouldn't have been a big deal, My last super long was ten miles, and I went ahead and ran eleven.  So what's one more mile right?  Today's run turned into kind of an experiment in new.  I ran with new running friends, new gear, new running app, new socks and new fuel.  It ended up being a whole lot of fun and as is almost always the case I learned something and came out feeling very encouraged about my ability to not only finish the half, but possibly even obtain my goal.

At any rate, I decided that since it looked like it wasn't going to be super cold by Okie standards that I would run outside.  I also decided to hit up Facebook to see it anyone wanted to run at least part of it with me.  I had a friend respond yes, so I joined her, and one of her running partners for their Saturday morning run.  They ran with me for the first 9 miles and I finished off for the last three.  It turned out to be a lot of fun. I was afraid I would slow them down, that I wouldn't know what to say.  But it was good and I think ended up with some new running friends.

What I also learned from this is that as much as I may like to run by myself it's better for me to run with others.  I pushed myself with them, whereas if it's just me if I think I am tired I will stop and walk.  Here I not only kept up with them, I fought the urge to walk.    We made one water stop in nine miles and I was good with that.  I also found when I didn't have the accountability of others I did find myself walking for here and there. Mostly fueling, but I could be using that as a good excuse.

So the other new things today.  My awesome husband got me an SPI and two new pair of Balega Socks.  Today was my first run with the SPI belt, I loaded it up with my ID, a GU gel that I got at the Route 66 Marathon, my trusty Gatorade Fruit Punch Fruit Chews and my car key.  I was amazed how flat it stayed and how I totally forgot it was there.  There was no bouncing, no friction, no nothing.  This is totally going to turn out to be an amazing thing and I'm not quite sure why I waited so long to get one.

 Also in the same, I'm not so sure why I waited so long department, the addition of Balega socks to my running arsenal.  They are heaven on earth.  No blisters, no friction.  Just padding and comfort.  I feel a bit goofy still for spending so much on a pair of socks, which is why I balked at buying good running socks for so long.  But I can tell you they really do make a difference and my feet are so happy (and totally blister free) which is huge for me.  If you are on the fence on whether to invest in a good pair of socks, DO IT!  Happy feet, make for a happy you and a happy run.  

Today was also my first day using the Runtastic Pro app.  I have had several issues lately with my trusty Nike+ app.  Both the GPS version and the iPod version.  My mileage was consistently off (over by several miles) or in the case of one run last week way under.  Hello .16 miles in 28 minutes.  Think that maybe my slowest run to date. Ha!  Needless to say, that one was deleted.  I've heard a lot about Runtastic and I still had iTunes credits from Christmas so thought I would try it today and put it to a challenge.  I had the Nike+ iPod on my wrist and used the Runtastic Pro on my phone.  Imagine my surprise when the Runtastic was dead on.  The iPod was three miles over, even after calibrating it again after my last long run.  I also liked that it gives a live view option, so the hubs could check on me.  Which probably would come in handy on days that I forget to text him before I take off.  The drawback was that it totally ate my battery life.  I started the run at 99% and ended up at 18%.  I should add though that I didn't choose the Power Saving Mode option.  So I will try that next run and see how it goes.  All in all awesome for a 4.99 investment.  

Lastly I broke my fear of the GU.  I had mentioned back in my A Few of My Favorite Things  post that I wasn't sure I would like the gels due to the texture.  I had packed one that I got as a sample at the marathon relay and decided I would try it.  If I didn't like it, no biggie, I hadn't invested in it.  So the sample I got was Chocolate Outrage and oh my goodness it was yummy.  It was a bit thicker than I had anticipated but it tasted like a melted tootsie roll.  I could totally deal with that.  So I now have a new favorite fuel and will be buying a 24 pack shortly.  Yum!  Yum!

All in all it was a good run, a good two hours of my day. I also came away with the fact that I CAN do 13.1 after all.  Truth be told, I thought way back in the early day of this blog that 13.1 was going to be more than I was capable of doing.  That I was aiming too high, but now as I'm getting closer I have proven to myself that I can do it.  Even if I didn't think I could, I can.  I am my own worst critic and probably the first person to maybe throw myself under the bus.  What I learned today is that maybe it's time to stop the self doubt and live up to one of my favorite quotes "She thought she could, so she did".