Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Switch'em Up

This post is a couple of days in the making.  I had this all planned out during my 4 mile training run, turned eight mile I don't want to stop run.  Then we went shopping, and then when we got home I had a super special package that made me forget about this one.  That would be the package with my sleeves.

Saturday was a different run for me. This was the first run with my new Garmin Forerunner 10, and my first run using my iPod as an iPod and my phone as a phone.  It's too early to tell on my Garmin, but I can say at least with my run on Saturday the mileage was spot on and seeing as that was correct I'll take the pace happily as well.  Please note I said happily, I'm almost to my goal and I can definitely see progress in that regards.  So for that I say thank you Treadmill Speed Intervals, you are paying off.  I will also say at this point that I love my Garmin and am now actually forcing myself outside in cooler temps (for me) just so I can play with it.

I ran with my SPI belt fully loaded and that took a bit of an adjustment.  But it was awesome to have my phone, my ID, my keys, and my Gu all within easy reach.  Bonus points for uncoordinated me because I actually figured out how to unzip it, locate what I wanted to find all while still moving.  It's probably not a super huge feat for most, but I can barely walk and chew gum so for me this was huge.

I'm a huge Gu convert now, at least Chocolate Outrage Gu.  It's chocolate,enough said.  I tried one before my run for the first time and then brought a second one for mid run, just in case I went beyond four miles. I think I can see more of a difference in terms of my energy level staying consistent and not feeling like I was dragging towards the end.

I went on a new part of my path, one that I haven't really explored today and I really enjoyed the change of scenery and not seeing the same area three or four times.  It was also nice to have a better idea of my progress because there were more street/landmarks for me to look at for.  It also gave me an impressive mom moment for the day, I could actually tell L & E where I started, what streets, areas I passed and where I turned around and went back, my eight mile run to them was such a long, long way.  They know I run, but it has been abstract to them to be able to put a physical location on it they got into it a bit more and not once did they ask me if I won.

Finally, I tried a new app that I discovered probably a month or so ago.  It's called Rock My Run, and it has some of the coolest running play lists that I have found.  I think by now you know I love my play lists, and love  Hodge-podging things together.  But Rock My Run was awesome. It does not require Internet access or 3G or 4G.  You can play it directly through the phone app, or as I did on this day add it to iTunes and upload it to your iPod or MP3 player.   The first play list I downloaded was the Brooks fan mix (who is surprised by this?).  It was heaven, anything that combines U2, my Foos, Linkin Park, Prince, Tom Petty and Disturbed (among others) is awesome.  I can honestly say there was not one song on there that I did not love.  I can't wait to add my newest play list to my iPod for Saturday's fourteen mile run.  I just downloaded Miles Fly By which is an awesome 80's mix.  If it energizes my run as much as it energized my massive closet decluttering spree on Sunday I'm going to love it.  Also have my eyes on a hair band play list that would be so fun too.  If you haven't checked them out do, it's a great app/resource with lots of fun music.

There have been a lot of breaks from my routine, and for a creature of habit.  A serious creature of habit.  I have learned something, change can be good.  I need to be more open to go outside of my comfort zone every once in awhile I might actually like it.