Thursday, February 28, 2013

Path to Princess Half: the Path of the Storm

Seems so weird to be writing in retrospect now.  But I suppose I have to go backwards to go forwards.  If you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook you know that all did not go as planned.  For those who don't let's just say it was a bit hectic.

My last post was giddy excitement, maybe mixed with a little bit of trepidation.  We were facing a storm hitting our hometown, which is what precipitated the earlier departure. Plus the unknown arrival and impact of the ominously titled Storm Q into Kansas City.  I had not so secretly been in panic mode that the storm was going to wallop Kansas City, but decided to go ahead and proceed as planned.

So early Wednesday morning we loaded up and headed towards Kansas City.  Missing the local storm and heading into a cold but non snowy Kansas City. After the storm predictions got worse we briefly discussed heading out on Wednesday night, but decided to take our chances.  We had a nice dinner and went to bed with visions of Disney dancing in our heads.  Or not.

The next morning I woke up around 3a and could not go back to sleep so I went to check the snow and see if anything happened.  Imagine my joy to see the dry ground. I was so happy, the flight was early enough surely it would go.  I proceeded to get ready and BRF was getting ready when I got the text that the flight was cancelled.  I was sick.We booked later flights that day and then decided that if the morning flights were canceled,the evening flights would be as well. So I came up with the not so brilliant idea of driving to St Louis.  So we changed our flights and hit the road.

It seemed like we drove forever and I was so so anxious about getting out that I wasn't paying attention to the fact that we hadn't gone very far.  We ended up getting off the main highway and got stuck.  After some stellar driving my friend got us out and we ended up going to a gas station to figure out our plan of attack.  It became obvious that we weren't going anywhere.  It was during that time it was pointed out to me that we had not in fact gone half way, we were only a half an hour out of the city.

We decided to stay there and not push our luck any further  We changed our flights yet again because the St. Louis flight was canceled and the soonest they could book us was on Saturday morning. After a mostly panic attack filled kind of day we finally got it worked out to where I could get on the first flight out on Friday morning and BRF would take a later flight that day.

So instead of being at Disney World we ended up in a little hole in the wall hotel and indulged in some lovely stress eating.  The disadvantages to being stuck in a small town even if we wanted to eat better, gas station fare was or only option.

We got up early and headed back to Kansas City and hoped for the best.

I was a little scared going into the flight because if they were still having issues I could still potentially be looking at another flight.  We headed to the airport I got checked in and bags got checked in but I did not believe I was actually going to leave Kansas City until the plane was off the ground.

I got on the plane and posted a very self congratulatory picture of me on the plane and was sitting ready to go.  Until we got stuck. They had to push us back and then sand/salt/whatever so we could get traction to move.  I think I did not breathe for about thirty minutes (ok, so it was most likely only five) and then we were in the air.

So even though it did not start out quite the way I planned, I was finally getting to start on my journey.