Saturday, February 9, 2013

Path tor Princess Half: Two Weeks!

Give or take a day.  :)  Today was kind of a bittersweet day.  It brought about the end of my long training runs.  From here on out until race day I just have shorter runs.  It seems so bizarre to know that training is almost near the end.

I had a good run today and went with one of my running friends.  I have said in the past that I do like running by myself and just sinking into my thoughts and music.  But it's been nice to have company on the longer runs, and it's been even better to be running outside and not on the treadmill staring out the window.

I ran again with my energybits since I just got my big bag this week.  We had to make an impromptu stop at the half point and I offered to share my energybits with her since we talked about them last week. I had wrapped them up in Saran Wrap Press n seal., because I wasn't sure I wanted my tin bouncing in my SPI belt.    If anyone was watching I'm sure it looked pretty I pulled out my tiny bag and handed it to my friend.    Just in case anyone was wondering energy its turn the saran wrap a lovely shade of green.  

In Princess Prep mode, it's time to think about packing and now that I have a vague idea of weather, I can start stashing things away.  I still have to break it to my little ran's that I am leaving them for six days.  I will not tell them where I am going until I get back.  Can you imagine telling a 5 year old and a 7 year old that you are going to Disney World without them?  Not that brave yet.  But I will be bringing back gifts and a hint from Mickey that there will be another trip in our future this year.

The big news this week was waivers have been released and final race instructions are out.  I now have bib numbers for both the 5k and the Half.  I am excited that I submitted a time that puts me in Corral B.  That will give me cushion to take pictures if I want to do so.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to focus on my goal or focus on the fun and have pictures.  If there is a way I can do both that would be ideal.

Next up waiting for the Princess Half Meet up information.  Crossing fingers and toes and everything else that I am able to participate.  The Meet Up's look so fun and so informative.

Have I mentioned that it's getting close?  So excitingly close.  The next countdown gets us into single digits.  Ahhh Disney World here I come.