Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Wee Tiny Festival...Shamrock the Ville 5k Recap

There are a couple of things that seem strange about writing this, first it's my first 5k of the year and second it's not run Disney.   I am back in the realness of my everyday world.  Not that there is anything wrong with that mind you, but as long as I was recapping, reviewing, reliving, re-whatever, I was still in the midst of the Disney magic. Also, now that I have a whopping one half marathon under my belt I have found myself saying it's "only a 5k", when this time last year 5k's were all I knew.

Shamrock the Ville is actually one of my favorites here locally, it benefits a great local non-profit called the Mary Martha Outreach.  I love this one because it is just fun.  Most people costume up to an extent, well maybe not so much costumes but a general green theme is prevalent.  It's also the first race I wore a tutu in.  Of course my idea of a tutu back then is so completely different than my idea of a tutu now.  However the significant part of the tutu wasn't the size, it was that I was starting to dip my toes in the whole, "just have fun, and don't worry about looking silly". Up until fairly recently I was always concerned how things appeared and what others would think and I am realizing that really the only person that I need to worry about is myself.  If I'm comfortable and having fun that should be all that matters. There  is a vibe here that is more about family and fun and less about time.  Though if you know me at all, it's always about time even if I say it's not.

I did not wear a tutu this year.  Instead, I decided to break out my lovely Ariel SparkleSkirt.  You can bet this baby is going to  see the light of day whenever I can break it out.  Otherwise the hubs might hang me up by my toes, or at the very least deny my next request for a new running skirt.  Which might or might not have already happened.  After all nothing says St. Patrick's day race than a green SparkleSkirt with scales, right?  As an aside, I definitely looked like a fish out of water at the little ran's two soccer games which happened right after the race. (Sorry, I had to go there).  At least people knew what I was doing before I got there, but still...

I met a friend there who was running her first 5k and we walked over to get our chip.  We located our other friends and got separated until after the race.  She was planning on walking and I was trying to once again reach my illusive sub thirty time.  I started out with two friends, and then my shoe came untied.  Grr...Then I realized I didn't set my Garmin, double grr.  Halfway through my other shoe came untied...triple grr. As you can imagine that pretty much killed my sub thirty. However, the advantage to me not getting my Garmin started on time is that I had no clue how I was running, I was just running.  Sound familiar?  The other takeaway is that apparently I need to tie my shoes better.

 I ended up crossing the finish line at 30:41 gun time.  My friends crossed at 28'ish minutes.  After being slightly pouty about the fact that had I not stopped to tie my shoe (twice), I most likely would have stayed with them and finished well below my goal.  That being said I snapped out of the pout relatively quickly when I looked up my gun time from last year.  It was 34:07.  Seriously, how could I be grumpy at not getting my goal when I had finished so much better than I did a year ago.  Right? Admittedly, I was still irritated with myself, but slightly less so with that revelation.  I ended up finishing with a chip time of 30:32.  Which is my second best time on a 5k ever, so I'll take it.

Here lies the beauty of running, as long as I don't make my goal, I always have room for improvement.  It's a competition against myself.  I love that I can now look and see where I was at a certain race last year, and compare it to where I am now.  It may not be where I want to be, but chances are next year I will be.  Chances are also great that I won't be happy with my time then either. Friends tell me I am too hard on myself, and I might be.  But, and it's a big but, if I'm not hard on myself, who will be?  I am the only one who can motivate me to do better.  I have to work for it.  If I could click my running shoes together and be at my goal time it wouldn't be nearly as fun as the work and the determination it's taking me to get to my goals.

So for now, I will celebrate my "wee tiny" victory and I will work the rest later.