Saturday, March 16, 2013

G is for...

Goals. I have a few new ones. As is the case with any new goal, they aren't real until I throw it out here right?

Accountability is everything and what a better way to make sure I hold myself accountable than blogging about it.

I found that I had focused so long and so hard on Princess that when I came home I floundered a bit. Without having something to focus on I sort of went half hearted back into my weekly running. I realized that I needed to have new goals to focus on. I have a short term goal and my new super scary long term goal. Princess Half had served as my super scary long term goal for a year and a half and now that I've faced that unknown it's time to up the ante.

I stumbled on my short term goal after a brief Twitter conversation this week. By the way, thanks Captain. If you see this.

The new super scary long term goal I have had in place for awhile. Even before Princess. Just felt it was appropriate to face that goal before discussing the next one.

The short term goal, run three half marathons in three months. Princess being the first. I signed up for number two on Thursday, which is what prompted the Twitter conversation that became the impetus for this goal. I signed up for the 10th anniversary Aquarium run. A semi-local treasure that will take place on April 6th. Half number three will be the Oklahoma City Memorial Half on 4/28. This one is a more somber race but so glad I can participate in this one. More details to come.

The super scary long term goal is Goofy. No, really it's Goofy, or rather Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge. For those who are not familiar with this particular race, it's another runDisney event.  It takes place during the Marathon weekend in January.  I am planning on taking part in Goofy's challenge in January of 2015.  What is so special about this challenge?  It would be completing a half on Saturday and then the full marathon on Sunday.

 Since I held out to run my first half at Disney, I feel that it's appropriate to run my first full there as well.  Why wait you might ask? Well, first I want to run Princess again next year and as much as my husband loves and supports me.  I think he might even balk at me wanting to do two runDisney events literally back to back.  The second reason, is if I wait until 2015, it's an anniversary year and well that usually means anniversary bling.  I even have started recruiting several of my running friends to come along on this one.

So in 2015 I will take part in Marathon weekend and hopefully Wine & Dine for the first time in November.  I have already started lobbying for Wine & Dine and I already have the tentative go ahead with my runDisney races through 2016.

After I finish my short term goal at the end of April.  I will tackle my next short term goal, which might just be training for the fall races and of course the Route 66 Half Marathon in November.But who knows what will come my way between now and then.  For this moment though my feet are now fully held over the flame.  I'm excited to see what lies ahead.