Monday, March 4, 2013

Path to Princess Half: The Expo & Royal Family 5k

After all of the tumult of the travel I was so relieved to finally be in Orlando and was finally relaxed by the time I got on Magical Express.  By the time I got checked in and found my room I was giddy.  I knew Lisa was en route from her stop in Milwaukee and that she would be there soon as well. 

This was my first stay as a DVC member and my first stay at Bay Lake Tower and it was amazing.  I loved the room and the view and I was surprised at how big the studio actually was.  It was perfect for two of us, but could have been tight for four. 

Once I got in the room and let my phone charge for a bit I met one of my friends from a message board by the coffee shop at the Contemporary and off we went to the Expo. 

I had been reading on Twitter and on Facebook that the Expo was packed so I was prepared.  I will say the packet pick up was a breeze though.  I went to the booth for my bib number for both the 5k and the half, and then we went shopping. 

It was super busy and as a person that is probably overprotective of her personal space I actually did farily well with the crowds.  I had in my head a list of things that I wanted and fortunately our wish lists were at the same spots so we made beelines to them.  We visited Raw Threads and I finally got my coveted Snow shirt.  We visited Sparkle Skirts and I finally was able to meet Leah in person.  So sweet and so nice to meet her in person.  The next stop was the run Disney official merchandise booth.  While the line was crazy long, it was a fast moving line at the time we were there.  I got my I Did it shirt, a mouse ears 13.1 and a nifty new cup for water at work. 

We must have just hit it at the right time, as it was busy, but not nearly as bad as I had expected it to be.  Again, this is coming from a person who does not like crowds.  Maybe it helped that we knew exactly what we wanted and didn't just wander from booth to booth. 

After our shopping was done we parted ways as my friend was meeting her family for dinner reservations and I was making my way back to the resort.  I found Lisa and we went to the room and then went straight back to the Expo so she could get her bib for the Royal Family 5k.  No additional shopping was done, we did wander around a little but it was so close to closing and neither of us had eaten yet that we just got the bib and made our way back to the hotel.

That night we made our way to The Wave for dinner and spent a little bit of time at Magic Kingdom.  We headed back to our room to get ready for our early wake up call on Saturday. 

The alarm went off way to early and we both got ready and were on the bus by four am.  After walking around a little and taking some pictures we found our corral and waited for the start.  We thought we were at the back of the corral...only to realize later that we were actually at the front.  The plan was to move our way to the back as soon as we could.  We moved about half way back and settled into a spot. 

When it was time to take off we settled into a nice pace.  We had decided early on that this would be just for fun since it wasn't timed and we would stick together the entire time and do pictures etc.  Lisa's injured foot started acting up so we did intervals and stopped to take pictures.  It was so fun to be able to do the whole thing together and even though she told me to leave several times, I am glad that I stayed.  When we finally got to the finish line we crossed it together. 

I am so glad I got to do the 5k, how many times do you get the chance to run around the world at Epcot before the park opens?  It was so much fun and I enjoyed the more laid back pace.  Even the more competitive side to me was quiet.  Probably was back in the room sleeping.  But the character stops were so much fun, I'd gladly do it all over again. 

It was during the 5k though that I did something to my knee.  No clue as to what it was or what I did.  I only noticed it about an hour after the race.  I was kind of gimpy the rest of the day, but we went on with our plans.  Which involved more Expo shopping time and second trips to Team Sparkle for matching skirts for my sweet little and I to wear at a race coming up in the summer.  Then off to Sparkle skirts to buy shorts with pockets for under my tutu.  I loved my Sparkle Skirt for the 5k and the pockets so I thought it would be a good fit and it was. 

After the expo we spent some time at Hollywood studios and then back to the room.  I was up way too late for my 2a alarm but it was such a fun day I didn't want it to end.  But I finally was able to shut my brain down at 1130 and crash out for the night. 

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