Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Princess Half Random Wrap up. 100th Post edition

So I realized shortly after the end of my recap that I had reached my 100th post since I started this adventure a little under a year ago.  I didn't reach it in a super speedy manner, but here I am.  Hmm...kind of seems like my running pace.  Not always fast, but I get there.  I promise though I won't grumble about how long it took me to get here.

I also realized I had a few random things that didn't make my recaps and thought I would do a quick random things in honor of my 100th post.   Even though this is technically now my 101st.  :) So here we go.

Don't worry I won't actually list 100 things (though I guess I could)...

1.  Never EVER EVER again will I book a flight out of a city three hours from home just to save 200.00 in airfare.  Yes, I realize Storm Q was a fluke but thank you.

2.  Southwest Customer service mostly rocks.  I changed flights a total of six times and had some really great reps.  Lisa, on the other hand probably won't claim that one.

3.  Disney's Magical Express is heaven after being stressed out for two days.

4.  Bay Lake Tower is beautiful.  Loved the location, the decor, the views.

5.  Didn't love the Bay Lake Tower wifi.

6.  Loved being right on the monorail.

7.  So happy to be a DVC member and to have these options.

8.  If you can't go with your family, bring your best race friend or your biggest and best cheerleader.  Bonus points if it's the same person.  :)  Hi friend

9.  Mickey head rice krispie treats with the chocolate dipped ears are amazing.

10.  Be prepared to spend money at the expo.  I stopped buying anything for me after the expo closed and started buying family gifts at the parks.  I got everything I wanted though at the expo.

11.  Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to people that you have interacted with on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Chances are they won't think you are too terribly stalkerish, and chances are if they interact with you there they probably won't mind so much if you do say hi.  Need to work on this next time.

12. I loved my Sparkle Skirts Ariel Tech skirt.  So cute, and so comfy and the pockets are amazing.

13.  If you are going to measure where to place purple sea shells on a tank, make sure you have the correct sports bra on or your shell placement might be a little off.  Helpful hint.

14.  Sparkly Soul headbands truly do not move.  They fit even my goofy shaped head.  They almost make me want to grow my hair back out so I could wear them more often.  Almost.

15.  Pick a costume that you are comfortable with and that ultimately you will feel the most happy in.  For me  my Snow White costume was heaven.  I felt like a princess and did not feel self conscious at all.  A sweaty, princess but a princess none the less.

16.  If you can't be silly at Disney where can you be silly?  Sometimes breaking out of the comfort zone is fun and not nearly as scary as it seems.

17.  Atutudes on Etsy rocks!  Not that I've had much experience with running in tutus yet, but this tutu was amazing.  so light and soft I really didn't even realize it was there.  Thanks Kristal for your help (and for not thinking I lost my mind when I first approached you.)  Once I register for next year, I'll be emailing again.  :)

18.  Try something new every day.  Not monumentally huge, even something small can create big changes.

19.  Did I mention that Mickey rice krispie treats with chocolate ears are amazing?

20.  Don't get so wrapped in goals, or what you didn't accomplish.  It's possible to miss the very things you did accomplish.

21.  Be gracious in everything.  No one is on the same path even if you are on the same course.

22.  Take pictures, have fun.  Be silly.  Embrace the day.

23.  Tower of Terror is still my favorite ride, followed closely by the Rockin Roller Coaster and Expedition Everest.

24.  Characters are a little different when two adults are visiting with them and there are no children present.  Dare I say that there were some pretty funny moments with Princesses that probably would have not happened with little people there.

25.  Wear the medal proudly when you are there.  Celebrate the victory and enjoy the sisterhood (and random brotherhood).  Or should that be Princesshood?

I think that's all of my random thoughts that did not make it into my recap, but still worth mentioning.  I thought I would be a little more disappointed after the race was over.  While I did have a little bit of sadness when it was done, I am more excited than ever because I know there are more run Disney events coming for me.  Might even have races planned out through 2016.  Not too terribly obsessive.

Note to self (and hubby):  Must up DVC points to accommodate my racing wish list.  Just kidding...sort of.