Monday, April 8, 2013

What is an athlete? A family funny

One of the most important reasons why I am so happy that I have slowly but surely discovered the advantages to a more healthy, fit lifestyle are my little people. Ok, so I guess, technically that would be two of the most important reasons.  I have seen how they have been watching me and how they are paying attention to what I'm doing.

On Saturday's after I return from either a long run, or from a race I get greeted with two questions.  The first did I win?  The second, how far did I run.  At seven and five, winning is still very important to them and well if you don't win "you lose".  Thankful that mentality goes away a bit or I'd be in trouble.  Imagine the looks on their faces when I tell them "Well, no, but I finished 7078th" or whatever.  Slightly unimpressed but they humor me.

My daughter especially has picked up on my changes and already a bit of a mini-me to begin with, she has totally jumped on board with great gusto.  After her first season with soccer last spring, she announced that soccer was boring and that she "hated to run" it too was boring.

 Fast forward to this spring and she is a force to be reckoned with in soccer and she is displaying that her lack of fear carries into her playing as well. She also has decided that running is fun and is anxiously awaiting to run with me for the first time. I've already shared that she is enamored with runDisney  and especially runDisney TV and is constantly asking me now when she gets to go to a race with me and meet "Mr. Dennis".   She has her first Team Sparkle skirt and has already worn it once, it was to church but it counts, right?  Wants to do kettlebells with me and has tried to do a plank a day with me.

My son has been playing soccer since he was four and while he vacillates between being bored and being right on. He engages the best a seven year old boy can engage, it just depends on his mood and the day..  He knows he's fast, but doesn't always use it.  He'll get there but for now he has fun and still wants to continue on.  I do sometimes see the occasional "pulsing" or "webbing" of his opposing team, but he is a little comic book boy following in his Daddy's footsteps.  He's tried his hand at wrestling and is now expressing interest in karate too.

Then  we have the hubs who I affectionately call hockey nerd.  He plays hockey at least once a week.  So all of us have our various levels of activity and it's so nice to see everyone embrace their activities.

All of this to share a brief funny from somewhat recently.  My sweet boy is now reaching the age of wanting to watch the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.  We recently sat down and watched it together and it came time for the best female athlete.  My son asked what an athlete was and it led to our discussion of sports and  of course, running, soccer, football and wrestling came up.  A few seconds went by and he said "right, so everyone in this family is an athlete..." pause, "except for Daddy. Daddy doesn't do anything."  Imagine hockey nerd's reaction to that one.  My sweet seven year old just inadvertently dissed his Daddy's love.  We quickly corrected this and he now appreciates the athletic virtues of hockey, but for us that was one of the funnier family moments.

So thankful for my little "athletic" family including the hockey player.