Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fundraising Sunday: The One that almost got away

I have neglected to mention one raffle it's a small little thing, mini really.  More specifically an iPad mini. That's right, raffling off a white 16GB iPad mini and it can be yours

How?  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy with a 5.00 donation to my St. Jude Heroes goal.  One 5.00 donation gets you one entry, 20.00 gets you five chances to take this baby home! The link to my St. Jude's page can be found here.  When you donate, please leave me a comment here and I will be sure to fill out a raffle entry for you and get you added to this raffle. 

The drawing is on Monday, July 8th.  So you have a week to get your name thrown in.  

As always, remember that your donation helps St Jude continue to provide free quality medical care for children battling childhood cancer, as well as lodging meals and transportation for their family. Every dollar donated helps St. Jude continue their groundbreaking research.  Every dollar counts with St. Jude, no donation is ever too small to help make a BIG difference. 

Thank you for helping me to reach my goal to help St. Jude. Together we can both be heroes for St. Jude.