Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's a party...Suzanne Ran style

It's my blogiversary and you all are invited.

I've come a long, long, long way since I started Suzanne Ran a year ago.  When I started this blog I was not sure about anything I was doing.  Well, except for Princess Half, that I was sure about. I was not even sure anyone would be around to listen to me obsess about my dream race, the costumes, my daily life.

As I got more sure in my running, I got more sure in myself and the more sure in myself the more I tried different things.  I went from running, to playing with kettlebells, to plank-a-day'ing, to attempting 30 day challenges and run streaks.  I have gone from Pepsi and coffee everyday, to coffee maybe once and twice a week, soda only when I go out to eat and at least 64 oz a day of water.  I've gone from being squeamish thinking about algae to singing its virtues any chance I get.  I went from 5k's and being scared of running my first half to running three half marathons in two'ish months and earning my half fanatic status.

While lots of things have changed over the year.  The one thing that hasn't has been my love of runDisney.  Last year, I was in love with the idea.  Now, I'm in love with not only the idea, but the the reality.  I am thankful for the friends I have gotten to know due to my runDisney obsession. I can't wait to meet more as this journey goes on. I also love that I'm bring some of my BRF's into the obsession.

As with any party there are presents.  I am so excited for what's coming up.  I've lined up some giveaways of some of my favorite things.  I will be staggering them out a bit over the next week or so but stay tuned.  I should have the first one up tomorrow.  What could it be?  It's something small, but boy is it mighty.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.