Thursday, June 6, 2013

Let the Fun begin

Today was another big day in my world.  It should almost be a holiday.  I think next year it will at least rate a vacation day.  Today was early registration for The Princess Half Marathon if you are a DVC Member, Annual Passholder or a Disney Visa holder.  Do you hear the trumpet fanfare?  I did.

Because this happened.

Can you see that?  That's right, not only am I registered but I registered for the Inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge.  A 10k and a half in two consecutive days, with the very real possibility of a 5k thrown in for good measure.   Super excited and as you probably can assume costume planning is in full force.

So since it is a happy day, I think I will go ahead and start my giveaway tonight as well.  My first giveaway ever on my blog is coming to you courtesy of the lovely people at Energybits.  It's no secret that I love my bits for so many different reasons, plus one I have yet to share about but will be forthcoming.  How do bits tie in with Princess Half?  Easy that was the first major race I had used them  during.  Yes, I had used them prior but never actually for a race.  I took 15 in the morning before I left my room and carried them in a pocket somewhere.  I hauled them out again at the ten mile marker and had 15 more, at that point I was dragging.  I may or may not have had green fingers for a bit, and I'm sure anyone who passed my while I was on the side of the road digging in a black plastic baggy was wondering what I was doing.  All of this to say I perked back up and finished my first half marathon strong.  

If you haven't tried bits, here is your chance.  If you have tried them but want to indulge again, you have another chance to revel in the awesomeness of algae.  

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