Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Treadmill Tunesday

Ah yes, it has returned.  I have been seriously lacking in my lunch run motivation.  So I figured I would pick this back up.  What a better way to hold myself accountable than to regale you with my most recent running play list and thoughts from the Treadmill.

I am not nearly as adventurous this summer in regards to running outside at lunch, the heat is not agreeing with me this year.  (Thank you non-existent thyroid).  So I am keeping myself to the confines of my work fitness center.  Air conditioning and fans rock when it's over a hundred degrees plus with the heat index.

I am trying to get myself back into the three days a week running schedule.  So far I've been averaging two, but I'm getting there.

So what does my current play list look like?  It's definitely a mix of cheesy pop and a healthy motivational dose of aggression.

Go - Pearl Jam (off of Vs) and old favorite.

Get Lucky - Daft Punk (featuring Pharrell Williams)  Pretty much the polar opposite of Pearl Jam.  But so so catchy.  It makes me smile.

Bodies - Drowning Pool - Did I mention aggression?

Kiss the Girl - Ashley Tisdale (or as my daughter calls it - the Candace version).  This makes me

My Songs Know What you Did in the Dark - Fall out Boy.  Still obsessed with this song

Treasure - Bruno Mars  - This one kind of reminds me of an 80's song.  Seems like it should be a Michael Jackson song.

You're a Lie & Standing in the Sun - Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.  I just saw them live recently and the are phenomenal.  Myles Kennedy is an amazing vocalist and the songs just rock.

Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke (featuring T.I. and Pharrell Williams).  So totally inappropriate in so many ways.  But it's another catchy 80's sounding song.  At least it is to me.  Maybe I'm just in retro mode.

Freak Like Me - Halestorm - because it's fun and loud and it's very much a take me as I am kind of song.

All My Life - Foo Fighters - Enough Said.

I Don't Want to Stop - Ozzy Osbourne - just seems appropriate

Run - Flo Rida (featuring Red Foo).  An old standby.

So these are some of my current running playlist obsessions.  I like the balance of the whole thing and all the songs motivate me in different ways.  Which is the whole point, right?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Run Happy take 2

I would like to introduce you to my new love.

I stayed with my fave Brooks Pure Cadence but went with the Pure Cadence 2. 

More information as I break them in but suffice it to say they are going to be fab.  I thought about straying from Brooks.  But in the long run, I know these work for me and for my feet.  Why mess with a good thing? 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

St Jude's Raffle number Two: A Bag o bits

This one is for my non-tutu loving friends.  My next raffle for my St. Jude's fundraising goal is a bag of ENERGYbits.  You read that right, a bag.  Not a sample.  If you have been wanting to try bits but have been hesitant to take the plunge here is your chance and help a fabulous cause at the same time.

Here are the details, with just a $10.00  to my personal St. Jude's fundraising page here and you could win a full bag of ENGERGYbits bag valued at 115.00.  For every $10.00 donation you will receive one entry.  

I love my bits for so many reasons, the energy, the health benefits, the mental clarity.  Here's your chance to try them at a fraction of the cost.  

Remember every dollar I raise goes to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  With our help, with your help St. Jude's can continue to provide their amazing care for not only the children but for their families and they can continue their groundbreaking research also.  Every dollar counts with St. Jude and together we can make a difference.  

Thanks again for your support of my goal and your support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Best of luck!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let the Training Begin!

It's official my Wine & Dine training has begun. I am so excited to start training again. I realize that I said in the spring that I was glad to not be training for an event. But what I realize now is that I have to have something to train for to keep me motivated.

 I totally slacked off on running, averaging at most one run a week (after I dropped out of the the streak that is). I need the accountability of having a goal in mind. Apparently, I'm not a meandering runner. Meaning as long as I have a goal or a race in front of me, I'm golden. If I don't have a big race, I tend to not be as diligent as I need to be.

 This training will also help me get ready for the Route 66 Half that is just two weeks after Wine & Dine. Glad to be back at it.

 How about you? What races are you training for? Who started Wine & Dine with me today? Anyone want to tell me that I'm not the only one that slacks off when not training for a race?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Things Part 2. Rock City Skirts

It's time for part two of my Favorite Things Giveaway.  With the advent of my St. Jude's fundraising, I decided I wanted to space out the giveaways and the raffle's to give a little bit of space between the two.  Now that my St. Jude's fundraising is well under way it's time for the second part of My Favorite Things blogiversary celebration.

When I first started running I subscribed to the theory that you didn't need a lot to run.  I had a couple of pairs of shorts, some shirts and my shoes and that was all I needed.  Less is more, right?  It wasn't until I started exploring the internet while researching costumes for Princess (surprise, right?) that I started seeing all sorts of fun things.  Skirts, sleeves, compression socks.  All sorts of awesomeness to make a run more fun and colorful.  

Earlier this year, I found Rock City Skirts on Twitter and was amazed by the cuteness and the options.   Little did I know at the time how Rock City Skirts began.  Check out the history here.  I love that the idea stemmed from a charity fundraiser, and I love even more that the spirit continues.  For every skirt that is sold $1.00 is donated to Team World Vision to help provide clean drinking water for impoverished communities around the world.   

I ordered the Silver Bullet skirt thinking about using it for Wine & Dine to go with my St. Jude's singlet.  I may not be able to dress in costume for Wine & Dine, but I can still look cute and have some fun.  I figured the silver'ish white would look good at night and would coordinate nicely.  The same day that I ordered, I got the email that it shipped.  A few days later, I had the skirt in my hot little hands.  It was love at first sight. Sparkly, reflective and oh, so pretty.  Of course, I had to take pictures of it and share.  One of the things I noticed right away was that it was reflecting the color of the shirt I was wearing.  I thought that was pretty cool and instantly thought about the reflection of lights on a night time course.  The next thing that I noticed was the material, lightweight and sparkly but strong.  

With no races planned until August (it's Oklahoma in the summer.  Not a lot of races planned because, it's stinking hot) I was chomping at the bit to try it out.  I decided that I would just take a one mile test run around my neighborhood yesterday.  Initially, I felt a little silly, running the streets in full out sparkle mode.  But quickly I forgot about that.  I actually forgot I was wearing a skirt.  One mile turned to two.  Two miles, turned to three.  And of course if you hit three miles, you might as well make a 5k out of it.  The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and I felt cute.  

Now for the practical part of this skirt, I did truly forget I was wearing one.  Of course, the sun reflected nicely and I could see it in my shadow as I ran. 

 But it was not any different than wearing my shorts, just more sparkly.  I also loved that he skirt did not immediately go between my legs as I was running.  It was a decent length and stayed skirt like and bouncy and did not turn into sparkly shorts.  I think the weight of the skirt material helped with that issue.  

All in all, I love this skirt, I will for sure be ordering more.  

Now for the fun part.  One lucky Suzanne Ran friend can win your very own Rock City Skirt.  

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All About Me - From A to Z

So not original but I thought this was fun.  Borrowing from my friend over at Margaritas, Miles, & the Mouse.

A -  Attached or Single?  Attached.  Met Mr. Ran (or hockey nerd) in 2002, were engaged by our fourth date in 2003 and married in 2004.  Of course, I should probably add that I lived in Oklahoma and he lived in Philadelphia at the time we started dating.  So it was closer to a year before we got engaged, but it was my fourth trip there.  Sounds so much more fun that way. 

B - Best Friend.  Same as above.  I'm all sorts of quirky and he loves me anyway.  Very good quality to have in a best friend, don't you think?

C- Cake or pie.  Cake...Hands down cake, unless a cupcake is an option. If it is, the cupcake will win.  Has to be butter cream.  No whipped stuff or cream cheese.  If I'm going to be bad, I want to be BAD. 

D - Day of Choice - Saturday.  My one day that starts out semi-peacefully and a later start.

E - Essential item - my phone, specifically my iPhone 5.  I get all sorts of twitchy without it.  Ask my family.  They like to hide it from me for fun.

F - Favorite Color - Ugh, I can't chose.  Currently an eggplanty purple, grey, or a muted orange. 

G - Gummy Bears or Worms - Bears.  All about the bears. 

H - Hometown - born in San Francisco, but I will claim Denver as my home town (whether they want me to or not).  Went to all four years of high school there and sowed most of my wild oats there.

I - Favorite Indulgence - Reese's Minis.

J - January or July - July.  I detest being cold.  Of course July in Oklahoma is not always fun, but I still stay true to the fact that I would rather be hot than cold.

K - Kids - Two, a boy (aka mighty munch or munch, or Lewis E) and a girl (monkey, and my mini-me - Evangeline.) Ages soon to be 8 and 6.
This says it all.  :)

L - Life isn't complete without my family.  Never a dull moment at this house, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

M - Marriage Date - May 15. 

N- Number of brothers/sisters - 2 Sisters.  I'm the middle. 

O - Oranges  or Apples?  hmm...Apples without skin.

P - Phobias - I have an irrational fear of frogs. Yes, you read that right.  Frogs totally freak me out.  Just thinking about them gets me all skeeved out.  Also afraid of spiders. 

Q - Quotes - This year, it's been all about "She thought she could so she did".  Sums everything up that I've done.

R - Reasons to Smile - Life is good.  I have been blessed.  Far too many reasons to count, though my family ranks up at the top. Right now, my daughter mooning me while saying "Feast yer eyes" (think Brave) is pretty hard to not smile about though really, I shouldn't.  Mooning is usually fairly inappropriate umm...every where.

S.  Season of choice - Fall. Maybe it's the November birthday, but there is not one thing I don't love about fall.  Oh, except, maybe when it starts to get cold.

T - Tag 5 people.  - Anyone who wants to play.

U - Unknown fact about me. I used to hang out with bands back in the day. See the hometown comments.  Aside from that I also hate talking on the phone. 

V - Vegetable - Spinach, love, love, love spinach.

W - Worst habit - I'm a worrier, about everything. Seriously.

X - X-ray or Ultrasound - probably ultrasound.  Though I can tell you from experience I'd much rather be looking at a baby than a thyroid. The thyroid is not as much fun to look at.

Y - Your favorite food - Seafood.  I blame living in Northern California for four years, and then Massachusetts for four years.  Obviously, I'm land locked now, but I can eat my weight in crab legs. 

Z - Zodiac sign - Scorpio.  Sadly mostly true characteristic wise.  I don't follow it anymore but most of the supposed personality traits can be found here.