Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All About Me - From A to Z

So not original but I thought this was fun.  Borrowing from my friend over at Margaritas, Miles, & the Mouse.

A -  Attached or Single?  Attached.  Met Mr. Ran (or hockey nerd) in 2002, were engaged by our fourth date in 2003 and married in 2004.  Of course, I should probably add that I lived in Oklahoma and he lived in Philadelphia at the time we started dating.  So it was closer to a year before we got engaged, but it was my fourth trip there.  Sounds so much more fun that way. 

B - Best Friend.  Same as above.  I'm all sorts of quirky and he loves me anyway.  Very good quality to have in a best friend, don't you think?

C- Cake or pie.  Cake...Hands down cake, unless a cupcake is an option. If it is, the cupcake will win.  Has to be butter cream.  No whipped stuff or cream cheese.  If I'm going to be bad, I want to be BAD. 

D - Day of Choice - Saturday.  My one day that starts out semi-peacefully and a later start.

E - Essential item - my phone, specifically my iPhone 5.  I get all sorts of twitchy without it.  Ask my family.  They like to hide it from me for fun.

F - Favorite Color - Ugh, I can't chose.  Currently an eggplanty purple, grey, or a muted orange. 

G - Gummy Bears or Worms - Bears.  All about the bears. 

H - Hometown - born in San Francisco, but I will claim Denver as my home town (whether they want me to or not).  Went to all four years of high school there and sowed most of my wild oats there.

I - Favorite Indulgence - Reese's Minis.

J - January or July - July.  I detest being cold.  Of course July in Oklahoma is not always fun, but I still stay true to the fact that I would rather be hot than cold.

K - Kids - Two, a boy (aka mighty munch or munch, or Lewis E) and a girl (monkey, and my mini-me - Evangeline.) Ages soon to be 8 and 6.
This says it all.  :)

L - Life isn't complete without my family.  Never a dull moment at this house, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

M - Marriage Date - May 15. 

N- Number of brothers/sisters - 2 Sisters.  I'm the middle. 

O - Oranges  or Apples?  hmm...Apples without skin.

P - Phobias - I have an irrational fear of frogs. Yes, you read that right.  Frogs totally freak me out.  Just thinking about them gets me all skeeved out.  Also afraid of spiders. 

Q - Quotes - This year, it's been all about "She thought she could so she did".  Sums everything up that I've done.

R - Reasons to Smile - Life is good.  I have been blessed.  Far too many reasons to count, though my family ranks up at the top. Right now, my daughter mooning me while saying "Feast yer eyes" (think Brave) is pretty hard to not smile about though really, I shouldn't.  Mooning is usually fairly inappropriate umm...every where.

S.  Season of choice - Fall. Maybe it's the November birthday, but there is not one thing I don't love about fall.  Oh, except, maybe when it starts to get cold.

T - Tag 5 people.  - Anyone who wants to play.

U - Unknown fact about me. I used to hang out with bands back in the day. See the hometown comments.  Aside from that I also hate talking on the phone. 

V - Vegetable - Spinach, love, love, love spinach.

W - Worst habit - I'm a worrier, about everything. Seriously.

X - X-ray or Ultrasound - probably ultrasound.  Though I can tell you from experience I'd much rather be looking at a baby than a thyroid. The thyroid is not as much fun to look at.

Y - Your favorite food - Seafood.  I blame living in Northern California for four years, and then Massachusetts for four years.  Obviously, I'm land locked now, but I can eat my weight in crab legs. 

Z - Zodiac sign - Scorpio.  Sadly mostly true characteristic wise.  I don't follow it anymore but most of the supposed personality traits can be found here.