Sunday, August 25, 2013

Childhood Redux...Down at Fraggle Rock

One of the coolest things for me in becoming a Mom has been to share things I loved when I was younger with my little people.  It's been hit or miss honestly.  Which is good.  Because I want them to have their own likes and dislikes and not just like things because I want them to like it.  But I get a special kind of joy when they love things as much as I do, if not more.  In a way, it's more of a chance for  me to be a kid again with them.  It's also a way for L & E to get a glimpse of what I liked when I was there age or a little older.  Now that they can grasp the concept that I was little once too.

I was super excited when I heard that Jim Henson Family TV has been added to Hulu and their Hulu Kids line up.  We are a huge Henson house. Muppets are a huge hit in this house and have been for awhile.  More so for the girl than for the boy but that's all right.  

Imagine my excitement to see that one of the main shows Hulu added was this.  Who remembers this show?  

That's right!  Fraggle Rock.  Such a fun, family show.  I have to admit when the show originally aired I was way out of the demographic but I would sneak watch it when no one was around.  Or at least watch through the opening.  You have to admit it's pretty catchy.  I absolutely love that I get a chance to watch it a second time around and bonus points for not worrying about whether anyone knows that I enjoy watching a "kid's show."  

I finally got a chance to get Hulu set up and had the kiddos come and watch with me.  Initially, I was greeted with hesitation from the boy.  "Do I really have to watch this?"  Yes, he's almost eight going on thirteen.  I told him yes, I would like him to watch it with me to give it a chance.  My girl of course was happy to watch it with me.  At first the boy was playing and not paying attention but at least he was in the room.  Next thing I know he is actually watching and by the end both were hooked.  I even got "You know what Mommy? I actually liked it" and we have since watched a few more episodes. 

Their favorite character so far?

Marjory the Trash Heap.  It's not every day you see a wise talking trash heap.  Let alone one with her own heralds.  She got the boy's attention for sure. So fun to have something we can enjoy together from the beginning.  

In addition to Fraggle Rock, Hulu Kids has added nine other shows from the Jim Henson library to the Jim Henson Family Channel Check them out here.  A few of the other shows are 

Fraggle Rock - Animated
Mopatop's Shop
The Secret Life of Toys
Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss (which will for sure be another must watch for us.  Jim Henson and Dr. Seuss, I'm all over this one).

The best part of this, it's on regular Hulu, so if you are not a subscriber to Hulu Plus, you can still watch without having to join.  

I can guarantee you this song will be heard quite often around our house.  

 Are there any shows that you enjoyed watching that you can't wait to share with your family?  What are some of your family favorites?