Sunday, August 11, 2013

Race Recap: Diva Dash 5k and Lil Princess Fun Run

This one is near and dear to my heart.  Super memorable for several reasons.  But mostly because Miss E ran her first "race".  This was also a female only race and semi-themed.  I mean come on, if you are going to be running in a 5k called the Diva Dash, you might as well play the part right?  Of course, Evangeline was excited to be all Rapunzel'ed up for her Lil Princess Run.

It was nice to see the sea of pink, purple and a little bit of sparkles.  Lots of tiaras and tutus and even some boas.  There were even some Super Heroes on the course.  A few tutu dresses too.  As much as I love my tutu's I can't imagine running in full tulle.  

Initially I was a bit hesitant to sign up for a 5k in August, but we've had a bit of a cool down and it was a pretty beautiful morning for a run 76'ish degrees and muggy but much better than the 90'ish degrees I was afraid we were going to have

The  course was a new one for me and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect.  I was less than thrilled with the hill in the first mile.  I swear it went straight up and it lasted forever.  There was not much of a decline to it, which was pretty much a bummer.  Right when I thought we would hit the downhill they gave us a turn, followed by another turn.  Since I've been a bit of a slacker lately the hill was not my friend.

 (Spoiler Alert) I will blame the hill for the lack of PR on this race.  Once we got flipped back around I hit my groove.  Aided by some really good play list songs (Blurred Lines, Get Lucky and You're a Lie) I completely lost track of the mile and just ran and smiled and maybe did a little dancing in my head.  Towards the end I wanted to take a walk break and then Bodies by Drowning Pool came on.  Something in that song fired me up and between that and a little more Slash and Myles I recorded my fastest mile of the day at 9:41.  The next thing I know I was done.  

I was a little bit shy of a PR, by four seconds.  See I told you it was the hill, but all in all I was actually happy with my time.  Which is a bit of a switch for me, I never am happy with my time.  .  I know I probably could have done better, like the time I almost completely stopped to get my play list started, or when I decided to walk part of the hill.  But it is what it is and considering the lack of training the fact that I recorded my second fast 5k time is good enough for me.  I am also inching closer to getting my under 30 minute 5k time.

After I crossed I got my medal and some water found my family and waited to cheer on my friends.  Finally, it was time for Miss E to get ready for her race.  She did get a little bit cranky, but I can imagine being five years old having to get up at least an hour earlier than normal and then have to wait for two hours is less than exciting.  She did get her face painted with her bestie while who was also running the Lil Princess but that only goes so far.

She was so excited when they finally called her age group and I asked her if she wanted to run by herself and she said "No, Mommy I want you to run with me". So fun.  They started us about a block from the finish line, had a countdown and then everyone took off.  Including my sweet lil princess.  We held hands for a second and she bolted and I stayed back behind her.  I absolutely loved the fact that they let the little's experience the joy of crossing the actual finish line.   Then add to it the little star medal and topping it off with a pink marabou topped tiara and E was beside herself.  The look of pure excitement and happiness was so amazing to witness.  
This face, this face right here kills me.  So proud of herself!

Maybe, just maybe, in her little way she understands a bit more now why I love to run.  Why I love races.  She already is asking me when her next race is going to be.  I did have to explain to her that not every race will give her a medal and she said, "well, what about a tiara?".  I told her most definitely not a tiara. For now she is ok with that, but we will see how she does at the next race.  I also told her that the fun runs are usually a little bit longer and she said "that's ok.  You can run it with me, and I will wait for you at the end because I'm faster than you are."  Nice.  My sweet five year old is already talking trash after just one run.

One of the cool things from this race that I have not seen come out of a 5k was an email with my stats.  This was pretty cool for the numbers nerd in me.

I finished 160 overall out of 934 runners and 21st out of 134 runners in my age group.  The bottom line number that made me giddy is that I hit under a ten minute mile.  My average pace was 9:50 for the 5k based on my finish time. All right, so just barely under but barely is good.  It's the small victories, right?

There were so many things that I thought were done right with this race series, the free face painting for every one.  The volunteers cheering along all throughout the course not just at the start and at the end. I also liked that they had an announcer calling out names.  Seriously, who doesn't like hearing their name called out as they finish a race?

 The kids races, were fab.  For something that could have been like herding cats, it was not too bad.  I do know that a couple of children did get separated from their parents, but that can happen too and I don't know that there is anything the race organizers could have done differently to prevent that happening.  I loved the medals for both the adults and the "lil Princesses" and the tiaras.  It just seemed like they went out of their way to make it special for everyone, no matter the age.

This is one race I will definitely do again and I will continue to involve Miss E as long as she wants to run with me.  This is absolutely going to be a mommy daughter tradition.