Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: Frog Fuel Protein Shots

I was recently provided the opportunity to try Frog Fuel Protein Shots by Frog Performance.  I was intrigued by them when I first started reading about them. 

Frog Fuel is developed by former Navy Seals and is billed as a rapidly absorbed Medical Grade Protein.  It is sugar, gluten and lactose free.  Also boasts pure collagen protein and Taurine, plus advanced Aminos and Caffeine. Frog Fuel is also pre-digested with the use of Papain, which is a fruit enzyme found in papayas.   The benefits from this combination are outstanding.

Here is the breakdown of what that means.  The benefits of collagen include improved skin and muscle tone, increased joint flexibility.  It also helps bones, arteries, hair and teeth.  Did you know that collagen is second only to water in terms of volume in the body?  I didn't.  Taurine helps to aid in recovery.  The advanced Aminos neutralize toxins, assists in the proper function of the immune system, helps with maintaining hair, skin, and nails.  I'm busting out the "I have no thyroid card" when I say that I'm always interested in something that helps with hair, skin and nails.  Lack of thyroid equals ridged nails and shedding hair (at least for me)..  My poor maligned thyroid gets blamed for all the bad stuff.  As far as the pre-digestion it breaks down the peptide bonds in the protein which in turn allows for rapid delivery at the cellular level.  Which in turn means that it is absorbed more quickly.  For more detailed information on the science behind Frog Fuel, you can check it out here

I finally got a chance to try it out this weekend and for the most part I really was pleased with it.  My training this summer has been kind of spotty, and my long runs have been almost non-existent.  So I broke it out on my longest run in awhile which was a whopping five miles.  See, I told you I'm slacking.  I did feel really great before, during and after my run.  Energy level was consistent, no crashing at any point during the run.  Afterwards, I was able to go visit with a friend and have coffee, no stiffness, no soreness from sitting for an extended period of time. The recovery was awesome.  

The only downside for me, is that I have texture/consistency issues.  Not shocking as I was afraid of Gu before I tried it for the exact same reason.  I was a little bit nervous how I would do with the Frog Fuel too.  I have to admit that the consistency got to me a bit (was a little syrupy) and it was a sweeter than what I was expecting, but I was able to do the whole protein shot and get the full effects of it.  That was the only drawback for me but that's totally a Suzanne issue and not a Frog Fuel thing.

Overall, I did like it in terms of the energy and recovery aspects.  I feel as if it does live up to the science behind it and delivers.

Want to try Frog Fuel for yourself?  Here's your chance.  They have graciously agreed to provide one of you with a free sample pack.  It includes 3 one ounce protein shots and one Frog Fuel Sticker.  This giveaway will run from today until Sunday night August, 25th.

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