Monday, August 19, 2013

Sparkly for St. Jude

I've gone a little twitchy lately no fundraisers, no raffles, no giveaways, it's been quiet.  School has started back for my kiddos.  What's a fundraising mama to do?  That's right, it's St. Jude fundraiser time.  This time with a bit of a twist.

For this fundraiser I reached out to the awesome Pamela at Sparkly Soul. She was kind enough to agree to help me with this one.  I have in my hot little hands two amazing headbands and they could possibly be yours.

 Sparkly Soul makes the most amazing headbands.  Not only are the pretty, but they are so functional and amazingly enough don't move.  No, seriously, they do not move.  At all.  If they can stay on my head they will stay put for anyone.  My head normally is like a slingshot with headbands.  It's all cute and pretty and then goes projectile.  I'm sure I've taken out small birds in previous headband attempts.

I first fell in love with Sparkly Soul when I was searching for the perfect headband for my Snow White costume.  Remember this little thing?

Obviously, given the length of my hair it was decorative only.  But let me tell you, I forgot it was even on my head.  Almost three hours and it did not budge. Now that I have decided to grow my hair back out I see a lot more of these beauties in my future.  

Anyway, I digress they are fabulous and I am super excited to announce that my next St. Jude fundraiser is coming to you courtesy of Sparkly Soul.  Remember the beauty of St. Jude is that no one EVER has to pay for treatment.  There are never bills, never fights with insurance.  What money is being raised for St. Jude goes directly to St. Jude and helps them provide their invaluable service.  Their gift of quality health care and groundbreaking research.  Every dollar counts, every dollar is a promise, is a step forward.  I want to continue to smash my goal and I can do it with your continued support.  

You have a chance to win not one, but two fabulous Sparkly Soul Headbands.  The first one is a lovely, dark pink 3/8 inch skinny headband and also an incredible Neon Green in the wide width.  They are both so so so pretty and versatile to boot.  Who wouldn't want to add these to their collection?  

A girl can never have too much sparkle right?  And why not help a good cause in the process?

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