Wednesday, August 7, 2013

That's my Girl

My little mini-me has her very first race next weekend.  Appropriately enough, called the Lil Princess.I feel like it's sort of fitting for her first race.  I will be running that same morning.  I am super excited about it and so is Miss Evangeline.

If you remember my Princess Expo haul included matching Team Sparkle skirts. Because I'm that kind of Mom this is our chance to break them in.  So we will be matchy, matchy which I generally don't do but I couldn't resist.

Initially I figured that mini-me would be ok with just the skirt and a cute top.  But that is not the case.  She asked me what princess she would be running as.  Not content with Princess E, she insisted on wearing a costume.  She wanted to wear one of her actual costumes, but I finally convinced her to get a purple tank and we would make some sleeves and she could be Rapunzel.  I couldn't exactly tell her that she couldn't run in costume because, well, I ran 13.1 miles not only dressed as a princess but I wore a tutu.  Guess I can let her wear a costume for her race too.  :)  Just another reminder that she pays more attention to things than I probably realize. 

The girl takes her sparkle seriously.  Think she's ready for her first race?