Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What it is Wednesday

I'm losing Treadmill Tuesday's, so this is my compromise. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.  But it will work for now.  

My running schedule is shifting, but all for a good cause.  My work has just recently offered an alternative work schedule.  The gist of which is that I work 9 hours a day four days a week and then two Friday's a month I will work 8 hour days.  What about the other two?  I have those off.  So every other Friday I will have a day off.  Can I get a collective Yippee!!??!! Hello, alternating three day weekends.  

What this means is that I will now have a half an hour lunch, which I'm totally fine with.  Just had to realign my running time.  I started running at lunch to avoid the mommy guilt.  You know the one..."I'm taking time away from my family to run..."  "I really should be home" or something to that effect.  So after playing with all sorts of far too complicated work schedule scenarios to come up with a 9 hour day.  One that would have me starting at the same time every day.  I am so not a morning person but the best time has me arriving at 730 so I can be sure to pick up my little people before 6p and also one that would not have them be the last ones there. 

So the final compromise is that I would run Wednesday night while HockeyNerd and the little people are at their Wednesday night activity.  Which in retrospect is probably a way better option than hanging out at home in the silence and I would feel much better after the fact too.  Added bonus, my family wouldn't be home anyway so I am avoiding the whole internal debate.  Then on Friday's I will have an hour lunch so I can just run during my lunch again.  

Super excited with how it worked out.  I am also super excited about being able to have more time at home and more time to get involved with my little people's school. All of this with very minimal impact on our existing work schedule.  Total win-win in all areas.

In other news, training is progressing for Wine & Dine and I have officially been registered as running with St. Jude Heroes.  I also have my outfit figured out and I am just so excited to be back and running in just a few months.  

Anything new and exciting for anyone else today?