Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Run day

So I was all self congratulatory this week, I got my two shorter training runs in on the days that I planned to do them.  I was all excited, all motivated and set to go out for a long run yesterday.  I made sure the Garmin was charged, I even updated my iPod play list which was severely out of date.I was ready!

I must have over prepared and it was the runners equivalent of washing the car.  Yep, it rained, ok it poured most of the day yesterday.    Thunder, lightening, a cold front coming in.  Our soccer games were even cancelled.  I'm all right with getting sprinkled on, but running in a downpour not a fan.

Instead of running I spent the morning very close to my running path sitting in a gym and watching Miss E at her first Pom clinic.  It was an exercise for this mama to let E do her thing and not be running over to her to tell her to pay attention.  Let me tell you though, I thought she wasn't paying attention, but the minute they put the music on, she had it.  Well, as much as any almost six year old could have a pom routine that she learned over the course of two hours.  Since yesterday, she has decided she wants to be a Pom when she gets to high school.  I see lots of dance classes in her future.

All of this to say, I didn't run yesterday.  But I actually made it out this morning, and I got to spend some time with one of my best friends.  I had only planned on doing five to five and a half miles and it was such a pretty morning that I actually ended up at six.

I am so so happy it's fall, I am even happier to see the mileage going back up.  At this point I'm hopelessly behind on my training plan so I will catch up as best I can.  Even if I just get up to ten miles before Wine & Dine, I should still be all right.  But I will try to at least get up to one 13.1 mile somehow, if I can.

I'm planning on packing my running gear and running on vacation too.  Maybe that will provide a little extra motivation being back on Disney property.

I feel like I'm heading back in the right direction wise, and have been oddly happy with my pace too.  This is such a welcome relief from feeling guilty for not getting out.  I'm glad for the reminder of how much I love running, yes, I said it.  I'm also thankful for the quiet and the beauty of my favorite path.  Maybe not the cement plant and water treatment center portion of it, but... I also needed the reminder of how much better I feel when I do get my long run in and it just starts my week off on such a great note. 

Who all got their long runs in this weekend?  Do you dread long runs?  Or do you actually like getting out and getting it done?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Little Disney Details

I'm in total vacation mode. Pretty sad considering we don't get there for another two weeks.

My special surprises for the kiddos are just about done.  So I thought I would share some of the fun things that I have picked up so far.

For the girl :

For mighty munch:

For the parents:

The only thing missing is E's Snow White tutu dress and we are good,  I have found that in addition to their regular clothes that I like to buy a few special shirts or outfits for the trip.  Just to make it stand out in their minds a little more.  They both have more than their fair share of character shirts just in their normal wardrobe, so it's fun to do something outside the norm. 

For the first time ever the husband and I are going to have semi-coordinating shirts.  We swore we would never do it and almost ten years later here we are.  There's no telling whether we would wear them on the same day or not, but it's out there.  We are even discussing whether we are going to wear costumes for MNSSHP, and the main costume being discussed also coordinates.  We shall see. 

What fun things do you tend to do when getting ready to go on family trips?  Do you do any matching it coordinating? 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review: The Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Entertainment New Media Network, and we help promote, sometimes for a promotional fee, entertainment industry projects we find meaningful.  As Always, all opinions are my own.
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Meet Miss E and her bunny.  This bunny goes with her almost everywhere, it is her best friend and her comforter.  Bunny helps her when she is scared or nervous.  Bunny gives her courage to do things that Miss E does not feel like she can do on her own.

Because of bunny, I was super excited to sit down with the family and watch Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit on movie night.  I knew since one of the main characters was a rabbit and there was also a bunny involved she would be all over it.  I also knew that with Michael Clarke Duncan as part of the cast it would appeal to Mr. Ran as well.

Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit has an outstanding vocal cast, Jon Heder(Napoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory) as Fu, the seemingly innocent, bumbling Fu.  Tom Arnold (Roseanne, and a household favorite True Lies) as Shifu a wise Kung fu master.  Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile, and for us he will always be synonymous with The Kingpin from Daredevil) as Slash the big bad nemesis.  The cast is rounded out by Rebecca Black (the girl behind the internet hit Friday) as Penny and Clare Geare as Biggie.

Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit is about the journey of Fu a sweet rabbit chef who encounters Kung Fu master Shifu laying outside of his door.  Fu takes Shifu into his house and makes a promise to him to find his daughter and give her a special gift which in turn will help save Shifu's Martial Arts academy and defeat his nemesis.  The journey has him leaving the safe confines of his home and kitchen and onto a road that has him meeting up with Penny, a Kung Fu proidgy and her sidekick Biggie.

Admittedly when we started Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I ended up being won over by the imagery and the characters.  The overarching themes in the movie are something that everyone can relate to even outside the good vs evil battle.  Fu's journey to find Penny and fulfill his promise to Shifu provided the chance for him to find himself outside of who he thought he was.  The humble chef turned reluctant Kung Fu defender.  Penny also had a journey that had her realize the importance of family and what her true calling in life was which was different than she expected.  Of course Slash has a journey too, and his is that being big and bad and intimidating doesn't always work.  Much like E and her Bunny, Fu finds the courage inside of himself just when he needs it the most.

Throughout the course of the movie Miss E declared that Biggie was in actuality her bunny and that Fu was her bunny's brother so it brought bunny to life in a whole new way for her.Which is kind of what I was hoping. 

Even my Marvel loving boy found himself loving the movie.  There was just enough balance between the martial arts scenes and silliness courtesy of Biggie that it held his attention.  He's even said he would watch it again.  Which is high praise coming from him.  I know this is for sure going to be one of the movies that comes with us on our upcoming road trip 

Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit is being released on Tuesday, September 24th by Lionsgate Home Entertainment.  It will be available on DVD, digital dowload, and Video on Demand.

If you get the DVD it will be available for a suggested $19.98 retail price and will boast not only the movie, but a behind the scenes featurette and sneak peak of "Miniscule" which has four award winning shorts.  Speaking of award winning,Legend of Kung Fu Rabit is a was awarded the Dove Foundation Seal of Approval.  Which means it is family friendly.  It clocks in at a short attention span friendly time of 89 minutes. 

It is totally worth checking out with your family.  I know mine totally enjoyed it and will be watching it again sometime soon.  I also know that Miss E's bunny is having even more adventures thanks to
Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit.  Plus it rocks the totally awesome Kung Fu Fighting.  What's not to love?

Interested in checking it out?  Here's your chance, I am giving one DVD of Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit away courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment.  The giveaway will close on Friday, September 27th.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Crazy, Lazy days

Holy cow, it's been insane.  Now that summer is drawing to a close and school and activities (oh yeah, and work) have kicked in things have gone bananas.  It's been totally non-stop go in our house and I'm learning to embrace that.

The crazy...

The activity schedule that leaves us with one night free during the school week.  E's soccer is Monday, L's soccer is Tuesday plus every other Tuesday E has Daisy Scouts.  Wednesday is church activities, Thursday free, and Friday L has soccer practice.  Plus squeezing in time for homework.

Then there is this little thing...

Three weeks from today we will be arriving at Walt Disney World.  After spending a whopping estimated eighteen hours in the car.  If we are speaking to each other it will truly be a joyous event.  Though honestly, I can't imagine rolling through those gates and having one ounce of grump between any of us.

I've spent the last week making sure we have costumes and accessories for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party..  Hulk for L and Sofia for Miss E. Still searching for an adult Sorcerer Mickey costume for the mister, plus a costume for me.

Buying embroidered shirts for L embracing the Star Wars/Mickey ears love.  Spiffy new car seats for comfort, plus super early birthday presents in the form of new iPod touches for the road.  I'm thinking sanity. Between the DVD player and the iPod touches I'm hoping it will provide a quiet, peaceful journey only occasionally peppered with "Where are we going?"  "Are we there yet?".  I'm also selfishly hoping the fact that they will have their own iPods will let me actually regain full control over my phone.  A girl can dream right?

The last time we went as family I got to do the big surprise we are going to Disney blowout one that I spent months planning obsessively, complete with two level we're going to Disney World cake.  Only to have my then three year old E mostly impressed with the balloon that was in the surprise box.  This time I am not getting to do that as the husband has figured driving through the gates will be our big surprise.  I couldn't leave well enough alone and I ordered a dozen sugar cookies from my favorite local bakery Sugarica.  Eight cookies are going to be a question mark and four cookies will be Mickey heads.  Though in retrospect, not sure if getting my little people sugared up while road tripping is totally brilliant.  But I sure will enjoy the cookies.

Now for the Wine and Dine training has been stinky.  Severely lacking.  I'm getting in my short runs no problem.  For some reason I haven't gotten myself beyond 6 miles yet.  I realize I have time, but I just keep thinking that for Princess I never strayed from my training plan and this time it's more like, "oh, you mean I need to train for this?".

Truthfully though, it's been so hot, I'm not regulating body temperature all that well this summer (hello, no thyroid I'm looking at you) add on the addition of hot flashes and forget it.  For those curious humidity + hot flashes = no bueno.  There's my excuse.  It's a pretty one right?  All wrapped up in a nice bow.  I'm hoping with the cooler temperatures of fall looming that I will get back in gear on my long runs.    Who wants to hold my feet to the fire?

This will be our first time going to MNSSHP and I'm super excited about it.  Anyone have any costume suggestions for me?  Or leads on where to find a sorcerer Mickey costume?  :)

Fellow W&D'ers how is your training coming?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Let's Make a Deal

Look what made it home with us last night.

Three-fourths of the Incredible family.  The funny thing is we don't have the Disney Infinity game yet. We're not above bribery here.  Sometimes it just works and what a better bribe than a game the whole family can play together?

The original bribe worked something like this, we have a super picky eater.  Incredibly picky, if he could live off of chicken nuggets, french fries and pizza he would. Say hello to my sweet Captain Picky.

He is so limited in his eating habits that even Miss E has started including in her prayers to please "help bubby learn to try new foods"    We have got him to branch out slowly but surely and his food repertoire has grown.

So we decided too offer Disney Infinity as incentive.  We told Captain Picky, that if he ate family dinner with us on Thursday night we would get them Infinity and he would get to choose where we went for dinner on Friday night. The meal was something totally new, and slightly risky so we had to go big with it or go home.  It was a rotisserie chicken salad with grapes, apple, mayonnaise, sour cream and Dijon mustard.  It was a big gamble, as he doesn't look new, or sauce...but we figured if anything could motivate him it would be this game.

Well, it didn't entirely go as planned.  He totally resisted at dinner time and refused to eat.  Temper tantrums ensued and there went dinner and the game.  Little sister ate at least half of it and of course had to revel in the fact that she liked it and her brother didn't, because she's all about one upmanship.

You know what they say about best laid plans right?  Shortly after bedtime the hockey nerd went to talk to Captain Picky about choices.  The next thing I know, they come out together and the plate that was refused and placed in the refrigerator is brought back out.  Next thing I know he's actually eating a grape, then some of the chicken, then another grape and some apple.  He didn't eat the whole thing, but he tried and that was half the battle.

So since he tried, but because he didn't do it with full cooperation, we had to come up with a compromise. He got to pick dinner, his new favorite Freddy's Steak burger, and we got the Incredibles figures.

In order to now get the game he has to clean his closet, which is a disaster zone.  We shall see how it pans out, but I can tell you that it's 9 am and he is in his room working on his closet.  Maybe knowing that we have the figure now to play with, but no Infinity to play it on that will get him going.    Does anyone want to place any bets?

The bribe worked.  Let's see how long it stays this way now.

Never underestimate the power of Disney in this house.

Have you ever bribed your kids to get a desired outcome?  Did it work?  If you have a picky eater, what has worked for you in regards to trying new foods?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Check Your Neck

How in the world is it September already?  This year is flying by in crazy fast speed.  Since it's September, it's also a month that is near and dear to my heart, it's Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month.  This is the one time a year I will get all preachy and on my soapbox.

Five years ago in June of 2008, I was diagnosed with Papillary Carcinoma, aka Thyroid Cancer.  At the time, Lewis E was two and a half, and my sweet E was just six months old.  To say I was freaked out would be an understatement.  It didn't matter that it was "just" Thyroid Cancer.  It was still a form of Cancer.  It didn't matter, that it was supposedly "the best kind of cancer to have". That statement can be a bit of a misnomer as sometimes, that is not always the case.

It was a bit scary.  I was freaked out by the thought of having a scar in such a prominent place.  Shallow, much?  I know.   It took me three years, two Radioactive Iodine treatments and more blood tests and adjustments to my Synthroid dosage before I got my all clear.  Three years.  But I did and I was very fortunate.  I now go back yearly to my endocrinologist to check and make sure nothing has changed and that's it.  I do have to be watched closely because a little smidgen of my thyroid was left as it was too close to my vocal chords for my surgeon to remove.  So my thyroglobulin level is always checked.  As long as it is "just measurable and stable" I am good.  Since Thyroid Cancer can be recurring, and I technically still have even just a small piece of my thyroid, it's something that we just have to monitor and I'm ok with that.  Sometimes, ignorance is not bliss.  
I can not stress enough how important it is to have your neck checked for any Thyroid related issues.  Early detection is key.  Thyroid Cancer is the fast increasing cancer in incidence.  It does not discriminate, young, old, male, female, everyone is at risk.  As I mentioned even though it is treatable and supposedly one of the "good cancers" certain variations are very aggressive and that can make treatment difficult.

According to a press release I found on ThyCA (the Thyroid Cancer Survivor's Association, in 2013 alone 60, 220 people will be diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  A record high.

For more information about Thyroid Cancer, please feel free to check out either ThyCA or Light of Life Foundation.  Both are exceptional resources and can give you more in detail information.

As for the scar I was so freaked out about?  You can barely see it now, but I still see it every day.  What I once was freaked out about, I now wear proudly as it is a reminder that I can be tough when I need to be tough.

 Eventually though,  as someone pointed out to me it will eventually blend in with my neck wrinkles.  That's a bonus, right?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

This is a stretch this week.  I have felt like this most of the week.

Thank you allergy/sinus ick that has stayed with me since Saturday.  Nice of you to show up on a long weekend and decide to camp out. So nifty.  

So to beat the blahs, here are the three things that have helped make my Wonderful Wednesday.  

  • My Precious.  I got my work iPad today and it has been love at first sight.  

  • Then I get an email informing me that I have a free drink on Starbucks.  Hello, PSL for my late-ish church meeting tonight. 

  • The best part of all is that tomorrow is my Friday.  Thank goodness!!!  Yes, I know it's been a short week for me, but let me tell you it has been a week or four, in just these past two days.  

So what's been Wonderful on your Wednesday?