Friday, September 20, 2013

Crazy, Lazy days

Holy cow, it's been insane.  Now that summer is drawing to a close and school and activities (oh yeah, and work) have kicked in things have gone bananas.  It's been totally non-stop go in our house and I'm learning to embrace that.

The crazy...

The activity schedule that leaves us with one night free during the school week.  E's soccer is Monday, L's soccer is Tuesday plus every other Tuesday E has Daisy Scouts.  Wednesday is church activities, Thursday free, and Friday L has soccer practice.  Plus squeezing in time for homework.

Then there is this little thing...

Three weeks from today we will be arriving at Walt Disney World.  After spending a whopping estimated eighteen hours in the car.  If we are speaking to each other it will truly be a joyous event.  Though honestly, I can't imagine rolling through those gates and having one ounce of grump between any of us.

I've spent the last week making sure we have costumes and accessories for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party..  Hulk for L and Sofia for Miss E. Still searching for an adult Sorcerer Mickey costume for the mister, plus a costume for me.

Buying embroidered shirts for L embracing the Star Wars/Mickey ears love.  Spiffy new car seats for comfort, plus super early birthday presents in the form of new iPod touches for the road.  I'm thinking sanity. Between the DVD player and the iPod touches I'm hoping it will provide a quiet, peaceful journey only occasionally peppered with "Where are we going?"  "Are we there yet?".  I'm also selfishly hoping the fact that they will have their own iPods will let me actually regain full control over my phone.  A girl can dream right?

The last time we went as family I got to do the big surprise we are going to Disney blowout one that I spent months planning obsessively, complete with two level we're going to Disney World cake.  Only to have my then three year old E mostly impressed with the balloon that was in the surprise box.  This time I am not getting to do that as the husband has figured driving through the gates will be our big surprise.  I couldn't leave well enough alone and I ordered a dozen sugar cookies from my favorite local bakery Sugarica.  Eight cookies are going to be a question mark and four cookies will be Mickey heads.  Though in retrospect, not sure if getting my little people sugared up while road tripping is totally brilliant.  But I sure will enjoy the cookies.

Now for the Wine and Dine training has been stinky.  Severely lacking.  I'm getting in my short runs no problem.  For some reason I haven't gotten myself beyond 6 miles yet.  I realize I have time, but I just keep thinking that for Princess I never strayed from my training plan and this time it's more like, "oh, you mean I need to train for this?".

Truthfully though, it's been so hot, I'm not regulating body temperature all that well this summer (hello, no thyroid I'm looking at you) add on the addition of hot flashes and forget it.  For those curious humidity + hot flashes = no bueno.  There's my excuse.  It's a pretty one right?  All wrapped up in a nice bow.  I'm hoping with the cooler temperatures of fall looming that I will get back in gear on my long runs.    Who wants to hold my feet to the fire?

This will be our first time going to MNSSHP and I'm super excited about it.  Anyone have any costume suggestions for me?  Or leads on where to find a sorcerer Mickey costume?  :)

Fellow W&D'ers how is your training coming?