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Review: The Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit

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Meet Miss E and her bunny.  This bunny goes with her almost everywhere, it is her best friend and her comforter.  Bunny helps her when she is scared or nervous.  Bunny gives her courage to do things that Miss E does not feel like she can do on her own.

Because of bunny, I was super excited to sit down with the family and watch Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit on movie night.  I knew since one of the main characters was a rabbit and there was also a bunny involved she would be all over it.  I also knew that with Michael Clarke Duncan as part of the cast it would appeal to Mr. Ran as well.

Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit has an outstanding vocal cast, Jon Heder(Napoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory) as Fu, the seemingly innocent, bumbling Fu.  Tom Arnold (Roseanne, and a household favorite True Lies) as Shifu a wise Kung fu master.  Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile, and for us he will always be synonymous with The Kingpin from Daredevil) as Slash the big bad nemesis.  The cast is rounded out by Rebecca Black (the girl behind the internet hit Friday) as Penny and Clare Geare as Biggie.

Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit is about the journey of Fu a sweet rabbit chef who encounters Kung Fu master Shifu laying outside of his door.  Fu takes Shifu into his house and makes a promise to him to find his daughter and give her a special gift which in turn will help save Shifu's Martial Arts academy and defeat his nemesis.  The journey has him leaving the safe confines of his home and kitchen and onto a road that has him meeting up with Penny, a Kung Fu proidgy and her sidekick Biggie.

Admittedly when we started Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I ended up being won over by the imagery and the characters.  The overarching themes in the movie are something that everyone can relate to even outside the good vs evil battle.  Fu's journey to find Penny and fulfill his promise to Shifu provided the chance for him to find himself outside of who he thought he was.  The humble chef turned reluctant Kung Fu defender.  Penny also had a journey that had her realize the importance of family and what her true calling in life was which was different than she expected.  Of course Slash has a journey too, and his is that being big and bad and intimidating doesn't always work.  Much like E and her Bunny, Fu finds the courage inside of himself just when he needs it the most.

Throughout the course of the movie Miss E declared that Biggie was in actuality her bunny and that Fu was her bunny's brother so it brought bunny to life in a whole new way for her.Which is kind of what I was hoping. 

Even my Marvel loving boy found himself loving the movie.  There was just enough balance between the martial arts scenes and silliness courtesy of Biggie that it held his attention.  He's even said he would watch it again.  Which is high praise coming from him.  I know this is for sure going to be one of the movies that comes with us on our upcoming road trip 

Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit is being released on Tuesday, September 24th by Lionsgate Home Entertainment.  It will be available on DVD, digital dowload, and Video on Demand.

If you get the DVD it will be available for a suggested $19.98 retail price and will boast not only the movie, but a behind the scenes featurette and sneak peak of "Miniscule" which has four award winning shorts.  Speaking of award winning,Legend of Kung Fu Rabit is a was awarded the Dove Foundation Seal of Approval.  Which means it is family friendly.  It clocks in at a short attention span friendly time of 89 minutes. 

It is totally worth checking out with your family.  I know mine totally enjoyed it and will be watching it again sometime soon.  I also know that Miss E's bunny is having even more adventures thanks to
Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit.  Plus it rocks the totally awesome Kung Fu Fighting.  What's not to love?

Interested in checking it out?  Here's your chance, I am giving one DVD of Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit away courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment.  The giveaway will close on Friday, September 27th.

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