Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Run day

So I was all self congratulatory this week, I got my two shorter training runs in on the days that I planned to do them.  I was all excited, all motivated and set to go out for a long run yesterday.  I made sure the Garmin was charged, I even updated my iPod play list which was severely out of date.I was ready!

I must have over prepared and it was the runners equivalent of washing the car.  Yep, it rained, ok it poured most of the day yesterday.    Thunder, lightening, a cold front coming in.  Our soccer games were even cancelled.  I'm all right with getting sprinkled on, but running in a downpour not a fan.

Instead of running I spent the morning very close to my running path sitting in a gym and watching Miss E at her first Pom clinic.  It was an exercise for this mama to let E do her thing and not be running over to her to tell her to pay attention.  Let me tell you though, I thought she wasn't paying attention, but the minute they put the music on, she had it.  Well, as much as any almost six year old could have a pom routine that she learned over the course of two hours.  Since yesterday, she has decided she wants to be a Pom when she gets to high school.  I see lots of dance classes in her future.

All of this to say, I didn't run yesterday.  But I actually made it out this morning, and I got to spend some time with one of my best friends.  I had only planned on doing five to five and a half miles and it was such a pretty morning that I actually ended up at six.

I am so so happy it's fall, I am even happier to see the mileage going back up.  At this point I'm hopelessly behind on my training plan so I will catch up as best I can.  Even if I just get up to ten miles before Wine & Dine, I should still be all right.  But I will try to at least get up to one 13.1 mile somehow, if I can.

I'm planning on packing my running gear and running on vacation too.  Maybe that will provide a little extra motivation being back on Disney property.

I feel like I'm heading back in the right direction wise, and have been oddly happy with my pace too.  This is such a welcome relief from feeling guilty for not getting out.  I'm glad for the reminder of how much I love running, yes, I said it.  I'm also thankful for the quiet and the beauty of my favorite path.  Maybe not the cement plant and water treatment center portion of it, but... I also needed the reminder of how much better I feel when I do get my long run in and it just starts my week off on such a great note. 

Who all got their long runs in this weekend?  Do you dread long runs?  Or do you actually like getting out and getting it done?