Friday, September 27, 2013

Little Disney Details

I'm in total vacation mode. Pretty sad considering we don't get there for another two weeks.

My special surprises for the kiddos are just about done.  So I thought I would share some of the fun things that I have picked up so far.

For the girl :

For mighty munch:

For the parents:

The only thing missing is E's Snow White tutu dress and we are good,  I have found that in addition to their regular clothes that I like to buy a few special shirts or outfits for the trip.  Just to make it stand out in their minds a little more.  They both have more than their fair share of character shirts just in their normal wardrobe, so it's fun to do something outside the norm. 

For the first time ever the husband and I are going to have semi-coordinating shirts.  We swore we would never do it and almost ten years later here we are.  There's no telling whether we would wear them on the same day or not, but it's out there.  We are even discussing whether we are going to wear costumes for MNSSHP, and the main costume being discussed also coordinates.  We shall see. 

What fun things do you tend to do when getting ready to go on family trips?  Do you do any matching it coordinating?