Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

This is a stretch this week.  I have felt like this most of the week.

Thank you allergy/sinus ick that has stayed with me since Saturday.  Nice of you to show up on a long weekend and decide to camp out. So nifty.  

So to beat the blahs, here are the three things that have helped make my Wonderful Wednesday.  

  • My Precious.  I got my work iPad today and it has been love at first sight.  

  • Then I get an email informing me that I have a free drink on Starbucks.  Hello, PSL for my late-ish church meeting tonight. 

  • The best part of all is that tomorrow is my Friday.  Thank goodness!!!  Yes, I know it's been a short week for me, but let me tell you it has been a week or four, in just these past two days.  

So what's been Wonderful on your Wednesday?