Monday, October 21, 2013

The Surprise, the Reveal, the Reaction

I am planning  on doing a more in depth recap later, but for now we home and getting used to being back in the real world.  The post-Disney crash is upon us, and it's a fine line between being glad to be home and being sad we aren't a Walt Disney World.

The surprise went without a hitch.  Almost a little too well, I thought for sure they would figure it out when we crossed the Florida state line.  Nope.  I thought ok, maybe once we get closer and start seeing the Disney World and Universal signs.  Nope again.  

Less than two hours away, the girl fell asleep and the boy was so engrossed in his new iPod and coloring books and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas for the gazillionth time that he wasn't even paying attention. We actually made it all the way to the resort area without him figuring it out.  

While his reaction was not what I had in my head, it was truly representative of L.  He's a fairly laid back little guy, unless you get him talking about Star Wars, Marvel, how much his sister can irritate him sometimes. Well, you get the gist.  

I was so busy looking for the BIG reaction, that I missed the important things, the huge old smile on his face and the oh so important true sense of thanks.  We have tried to instill in both L & E to be grateful for everything, to not ever feel like they are entitled to anything.  His reaction, in a small way speaks to that and does this Mom's heart a lot of good. 

What you do not see in this video is the promise that he would not tell his little sister where we were.  What was the first thing he did when we finally got her to wake up?  "E, E, we are at Disney World.  They took us to Disney World".  The little turkey.  But it was all good.    So glad we had a chance to decompress and unplug and get to hang out as a family.  The memories we made even on the drive are ones we won't soon forget.  

Oh and for the record, every time we'd stop for gas, to eat, or potty stop, whatever, as soon as we would start moving again, Holiday Road was blasting through the sound system.  You can thank me for that tidbit of knowledge later.  

So how does your family react to surprises?  Are they big reactions or are they quiet happy ones?  What has been the biggest surprise you've pulled off so far?