Friday, October 25, 2013

I Found my Super Suit!

Have you had it with The Incredible's references?  I promise this will be my last one, for awhile.  It started out as a joke, because I had the Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl costume to potentially wear for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  It was also a way for me to show my favorite clip from the movie....You know the one "Honey, Where is my Super Suit?".

It then led to this...

Which the led to this...

A panicked selfie shared with friends who I hoped would tell me whether or not I truly looked like a dork.  They didn't tell me I looked like a doofus, instead they encouraged me to brave wearing my super suit in public.  They may have giggled about it later, but they were kind when I shared it.  Thanks, girls for talking me into it, even though you didn't realize you did.

I was so unsure of whether I wanted to wear it that I even packed normal clothes to change into at the parks if I just couldn't hang with being super.  Here's the deal, I'm generally not outgoing, and despite my tendency to overshare on social media, I am a little bit more reserved, until I feel comfortable and then it's no holds barred.

For me to step out in the costume in front of PEOPLE, not my family and friends, was huge.  I know you're probably thinking, right Suzanne, you wore a big honking tutu for Princess.  What the heck are you talking about?  For some reason Princess seemed safe.  Oh, and a tutu is a little bit more forgiving than a giant polyester onesie that might have contributed a little too.

I am the first one to be silly at home. Trust me when I tell you my children, are used to me not being serious (unless I have to be serious).  But to be silly in public, is often something I just don't do.

I was nervous, I was awkward, I was uncomfortable.  Everything that was the antithesis of the suit.  After awhile, I realized something.  No one cared, lots of people were in costume.  Once I got comfortable, I started to have fun with it.  I started to relax. I trick or treated, I played with people when they called me Mrs. Incredible or Elastigirl.  I danced with Sully and Mike.

For just a moment, I wasn't Suzanne, 40 something mother of L & E.  I was Suzanne, the kid.  I didn't care what people thought.  My husband and L & E were having fun too and that is all that mattered

People ask me why I like Walt Disney World so much, why I want to go so often. I go to Disney World to be a giant kid, with a gazillion like minded people.  It's an escape.  It's a chance to forget the serious and just be in the moment and make a bunch of memories.  The fifteen minutes of awkwardness (and trust me I excel at awkward) will not be remembered by anyone but me.  But, L & E and probably the mister, will remember our Fall Break of 2013 as being the one where Mommy dressed as Mrs. Incredible.   Which in the end is all  that matters.

 I am so looking forward to going back there in two weeks and running with two of my local running friends, and my new found friends the DisBroads (or at least a large percentage of us, Summer and Shannon, sad you won't be there).

It's not a costume, it's a state of mind. So in it's own way, Walt Disney World is my super suit.