Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's Time!

So I started T25 a few weeks ago.  The mastermind behind Insanity is back with something new.  Twenty five minutes a day five days a week. 

It sounds innocent enough, right? Who can't squeeze in 25 minutes a day?  Totally doable.

Plus you've got the oddly motivational Shaun T cheering you on!  

I use oddly in the nicest sense of the word.  Because he is motivational and is super encouraging, truly. But I'm waking myself up an extra hour early to do this and in the first week I'm learning all sorts of new fun things, like how to spider plank. If you know me, you know I'm not a morning person AT. ALL. So to have Shaun T on first thing, is kind of different. Then to get started and find out the grump is gone and I'm actually wanting to do whatever it is that I'm supposed to be doing...that's where the odd comes in.  You want me to plank and move at the same time?  Sure, why not?

How hard can 25 minutes be?  Right? Wrong!  I had this crazy illusion in my head that I was somewhat fit and in good condition.  Not feeling that so much right now.  I know it's totally the learning curve talking, but this is hard.  Some of the toughest 25 minutes a day I have spent.  But I love it.  I may or may not have gotten a little teary after my first 25 minutes were done, just because I did it.  

I went into T25 all like this...

but by the end I feel more like I've gone through this...

All in all this will be good for me and I'm loving the challenge of it so far.  Not so much the getting up at 5-530a though.  I can't wait to see how I feel about it after I have done both alpha and beta. cycles.  But for now it's so worth the 25 minutes a day.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Little things

So I ditched my first race. It was a big one and one of my local favorites.  I skipped Route 66 half marathon to hear E and her pre-k and k choir sing at church Sunday morning.

I'm not going to belabor the point because I just so happen to be discussing it today on DisBroads here.

But a share of a share of a share on Facebook resonated with me last night about my decision.  I can't lay claim to this image and I can't give proper credit. But this is the most fab thing ever.

I ditched Route 66 to see my daughter announce she was thankful for food. 


I also got to see a rousing version of hullabaloo zoo.  Trust me when I tell you this song is still running through my head two days later.  "It was a hullabaloo"

It may seem like a little thing on the surface but in the end something this little will turn into a big thing because I was there. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - Friday Adventures take 2

Having just gone to the Not so Scary Halloween Party a few weeks prior, I could not wait to see the Disney magic visit Christmas and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party truly did not disappoint.  

We got to Magic Kingdom a little later than anticipated because I went expo shopping crazy, but we still got there prior to the 7p start.  I was excited because I had managed to not only sync up my Annual Pass to my Magic Band, but I was able to add my Christmas Party ticket also.  So I'm learning to like the Magic Bands.  

We walked in and the first thing we found out was that they were getting ready to light the castle for the night. I was like a giddy little girl all over again.  Cinderella's Castle was a huge part of my beginning runDisney obsession.  So to be able to see it lit up for Christmas for the first time was so special. We found a really great spot to watch and just waited. As I mentioned in my Expo post, I'm a bit touchy about my personal space, so this was a big deal to me that I actually stayed and watched.  I was so so glad I did.  To see the castle lit bit by bit was indescribable.  I think all of us were a bit awestruck.  

We met up with DisBroad Tania, DisBroad Julie and DisBroad's BRF Bonnie and hit Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, one of my family favorites and still enjoy even minus my little people.  

Afterwards we proceeded to track down food.  We ended up at Cosmic Ray's and ended up visiting Club Tinsel while we ate.  This turned out to be one of my highlights.  As I mentioned in my I Found My Supersuit post when we got back from the family trip that Disney is my place to be a little silly, a little more relaxed.  I thought maybe that part of it was due to me being with my family.  But I can say now that even without being with the people who know me and love me the best, that I can still be silly.  We got out and danced and just had a lot of fun.  

After Club Tinsel, Lisa and Marla took off to explore Stitch's Great Escape and It's a Small World.  While they were doing that Julie, Kristen, Tania, Bonnie and I finally met up with DisBroad's April and Amy and friend Wendy.  It was so nice to see Wendy again and it was great to be finally meet April and Amy also.  After spending a few minutes at the Rapunzel rest area and charging center we went off in search of the Jingle Cruise.

 From the Jingle Cruise we hit Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.  Or rather I didn't ride, I waited and texted and made phone calls.  It was kind of nice to have a moment to just soak up being there and to appreciate it.  

From that point we watched the parade which was so fun.  Again, not much of a parade person due to the crowds, but I learned a little trick that might make the parades a little bit more fun for me.  It's all about location, location, location.  

The silly Disney side returned with a brief caroling stop at Pinocchio's...err, I mean cookie and cocoa stop.  It's never too early to start singing The Twelve Days of Christmas, or in this case we only made it through ten because it was so fabulous we didn't need the final two days. 

Soon it was time for  the fireworks and we decided to head off and get coffee and watch the fireworks from there.  We made our way through the crowds thanks to Julie's awesome tour guide leadership.  She led the way with her #winedinehalfstein.  I was able to get some much needed caffeine and some warmth.  I was freezing.  Yes, I'm a wimp.  I would prefer to be hot than cold. 

We hit the stores for a bit after and Wendy and I went off and tried to go visit the new "talking Mickey" who still had quite a bit of a line.  As it was close to park closing we decided to not wait but at that point we couldn't find any of the other broads so we thought they might have went back to the hotel.  Both my phone and Wendy's phone were dead so we couldn't track anyone down.  So we just hopped on the bus and went back to the rooms.  

I had so much fun and it was so worth going.  I cannot wait to go with my family.  I have already started working on the husband.  We have three birthdays from November 6th through December 6th, so it would be the perfect time for a family trip right?  

Have you been to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party?  What was your favorite part?  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Mighty and Mickey!

Eight years ago today I became a mom for this first time.  My sweet boy I call Mighty (derived from Mighty Munch & mighty Munchkin) joined my world.

Mighty now appropriately named for his love of all things Marvel. He's sweet, tender hearted, funny, the best big brother imaginable. He has a dry sense of humor and the biggest smile.  He loves Star Wars and Jack Skellington equally and thinks that Tim Burton and Danny Elfman are "brilliant".  

He's also not too cool to admit we are a "Disney family" and will gladly talk Walt Disney World with anyone.  Just don't ask him about the Princesses or Tink as you will most likely get an eye roll!

My Mighty gets to share his birthday with the big cheese himself, Mickey Mouse. Mickey turns 85 today. Without Mickey our family happy place would not exist!  Trust me when I say to you that L is super excited that he gets to share his day with Mickey!  I couldn't think of a better person (or mouse) to share a birthday with either.  Especially if you love him as much as we do. 

So wishing a very, very happy birthday to two of my favorite boys Mighty and Mickey Mouse! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Wine & Dine Half Marathon: Friday adventures

I promise not to drag out my recaps, but I just thought it might be easier to break it apart by day.  I can say we crammed a lot of Disney fun in a three day period.

Friday morning started dark and early around 3'ish as we had a super early flight.  I'm a semi anxious traveler, I love to fly.  I'm just not happy until I actually get to my destination.  Cause well, you never know when a flight will be delayed, or over booked.  Or you know a freak snowstorm hits and you get stranded in Odessa, Missouri. Yes, I'm holding a grudge. I say all of this because that means there was no sleep on the plane.  Gotta be vigilant.  

Fortunately, the flights went well and we actually arrived early!  So my St. Jude teammates and I headed off to our home for the weekend, Port Orleans French Quarter, where DisBroad Kristen had already checked in.  We met at Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory and had lunch.  Before we left we ran into DisBroad's Tania, Julie and Patty and DisBroad BRF Bonnie.

Let me tell you, it was so nice to finally meet my friends from behind the computer in person.  Even though I tend to be super introverted and shy when I first meet people, I truly felt like I had known them for awhile.

Once we got everything settled at POFQ, Lisa, Marla, Kristen and I went off to explore the expo.  I had in my head a laundry list of things that I needed  wanted, so I went with a plan of attack.  After a short bus ride we arrived at ESPN Wide World of Sports and headed off to pick up our packets. 

My first impression was that it was empty, there were two people in front of me for packet pick up, and one of them was Marla.  It was a welcome change from Princess where you couldn't turn around without accidentally bumping into anyone. It was so nice to have breathing room.  I had heard that it was a little crowded earlier in the day Grabbed the packets and made a quick stop for some pictures.

The first stop for us as we made our way into the expo was the St. Jude booth.  It was so nice to be able to meet our rep in person and give her a big hug and a big thank you for her patience and support.  

From there we went off and did a bit of shopping. On my wish list was possibly a new SparkleAthletic skirt, a new belt with toggles for my race bib, a visit to Raw Threads and champagne.  Yes, champagne was a priority.  Lisa and I established that precedent at Princess and decided to carry that one on.  

We made our way around and found Sparkle Athletic, I ended up grabbing a new shirt Running Happily Eve After.  This one of my Princesses purchases, but let's just say it shrunk and call it good, so I bought a new one in a larger size and different color combo.  Love, love this shirt.  While we were there, I got to say hi to Kelly from According to Kelly and get to meet Krissy from Shiawase Life and Outrunning the Monorail.  While standing there talking to Krissy, I decided to to buy a new skirt, which would be important later. 

 After visiting for a bit, we paid for our purchases and went to the runDisney merchandise section.  I will add here that it was good that we left or I probably would have kept spending, started thinking about sleeves and visors.  I actually walked away without purchasing anything here.  I'm sort of in buyer's remorse.  Fortunately, I can still buy one of the shirts online. 

Next up was Raw Threads and I walked off with one shirt, which was another miracle.  Love their shirts and could have easily bought more.  

Kristen and I then made our way to the Fitletic booth and I found my new belt.  More on this later, but I absolutely love it, and might be thinking about the next size up at some point in time.  

We met up with Lisa and Marla who had been perusing on their own, and found the champagne.  

After the champagne, we wrapped up our adventure and headed back to the hotel to drop our purchases off and head to Magic Kingdom and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, and that my friends deserves a post of its own.  

What were your thoughts on the expo?  What are your must do stops?  

Monday, November 11, 2013


I'm back home after a whirlwind three days and I'm totally in recovery mode.  My recap will be coming soon.  I have several things that are on my mind, from now officially being a charity runner and how by doing so it changed the way I look at things.  Getting to me my friends the DisBroads in person for the first time (or at least a large percentage of us).  Celebrating a birthday at Walt Disney World, oh and probably should talk about the race too.

But for now, I will say this weekend will go down as probably one of the most fun birthday weekends I have had, not to mention probably the most fun I've had during a half.  

There was a lot of this...

and this...

And way too much of this.

The only thing there was not a lot of was sleep.  I think I averaged a total of 12 hours sleep from Thursday night, through Sunday. Let me tell you I crashed hard last night when I got home.

If you went to Wine & Dine what was your favorite part of the trip?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fundraising Friday: The Final Update

It's been awhile since I posted one of these and I feel like it's only fitting to do one final update now that I am seven days out from Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend.  This time next week, I should be just landing in Orlando.

So excited for this weekend to finally be here.  I know it seems silly to be excited as I haven't even been back home two weeks yet.  But I've spent a long time thinking about this race, and put a lot of effort into it. Obviously, not so much the training, but a lot of time thinking, planning my attack for a short trip, how to maximize a short trip and get everything done, like shopping, hoping to track down my elusive Vera Bradley, get some Jack Skellington for the boy, some princess things for the girl, buy another 2 place settings of our new plates, bowls, etc.  Yes, we bought plates, several, and will be buying more, it was our little farewell gift to us as we left.  I talked about them a bit here in my first official post on DisBroads...Anyway, I digress, I also need to save so time for this half marathon there too.

What does this have to do with Fundraising Friday?  Everything.  If it wasn't for my St. Jude Heroes fundraising, I wouldn't be planning any of this.  When I first signed up to be a part of team Will Run for Wine, I was scared, I was so not sure that I would be able to accomplish my fundraising goal of 3500.00, even factoring in the company match, it still was daunting.  Being mostly shy (believe it or not) the thought of approaching people, even people I knew well, scared the living daylights out of me.  After all, what is fundraising?  Working with people, asking people for things, in this case, money.  Cue the social anxiety here.

I came up with a few fundraising ideas, I auctioned off a fab custom tutu from my fave tutu maker, Atutudes.  A bag of bits from energybits, and some headbands from Sparkly Soul.  As a group we had a Garage Sale.  Some of which is still residing in our garage...oops.  I also had two Thirty-One parties and a Scentsy Party.  I reached my goal thanks to a lot of friends that I haven't met yet, but will in seven days.  I also met my goal by utilizing my company's Matching Gift program.

After I met my initial goal, I decided to go for a stretch goal, just to see if I could do it.  I'm proud to say that I did.  I couldn't have done any of this without my friends support.

So excited to say that I've raised $4,000.00 for the kids and families of St. Jude.  Fundraising may have been scary for me, but it's nothing compared to what those children and their parents deal with on a daily basis.

I also will throw in that Will Run for Wine, ended up being the top fundraising team for this event.  That's pretty awesome as well.

I have learned a lot about myself in this process.  There were bumps in the road, but that happens sometimes and you just have to keep on focusing on the goal.  I can be more persistent than even I thought capable.

I still think I do a charity race again.  Hello, Dumbo Double Dare/Disneyland Half, I'm looking at you.  But for now, I'm going to sit back and know that I did a tiny bit of good for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and enjoy spending some extra time back at Walt Disney World and run Wine & Dine Half with some of the most fun people I know.  

Thanks all for going with me on this journey.