Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Little things

So I ditched my first race. It was a big one and one of my local favorites.  I skipped Route 66 half marathon to hear E and her pre-k and k choir sing at church Sunday morning.

I'm not going to belabor the point because I just so happen to be discussing it today on DisBroads here.

But a share of a share of a share on Facebook resonated with me last night about my decision.  I can't lay claim to this image and I can't give proper credit. But this is the most fab thing ever.

I ditched Route 66 to see my daughter announce she was thankful for food. 


I also got to see a rousing version of hullabaloo zoo.  Trust me when I tell you this song is still running through my head two days later.  "It was a hullabaloo"

It may seem like a little thing on the surface but in the end something this little will turn into a big thing because I was there.